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Air Conditioner Features: Top Tips for Choosing the Best

Air Conditioner Features

Especially for those living in humid or hot climates, an air conditioner is a necessity these days. In order to get better deals on prices, it is better not to wait until summer to buy a new air conditioner. As there are many brands and types of air conditioners available, buying a new one can be confusing and difficult. Furthermore, each AC manufacturer markets its specific features differently, which makes it difficult to compare and determine which brand is best for AC. From energy efficiency to smart features, be sure to look for these  Air Conditioner Features if you are planning to buy AC online or if you are searching for the best a Samsung air conditioner conditioner in India 2021

In the guide to air conditioner features, we hope to simplify the entire process. To determine the amount of cooling power you need, first determine your budget, then find out the type of AC that matches your needs. Also consider how often your air conditioner will be used and their energy efficiency ratings. The whole purpose of providing you with the best air conditioner features is to help you pick the best air conditioner in India without any confusion.

Which Type of AC Would Work Best in Your Room?

The two most common types of ACs are the split AC and window AC. These types of ACs come with their own differences and the best central air conditioner features. Let us dive into the deeper details of these air conditioner features and help you decide which brand is best for AC.

Split AC

In a split system, there are two units. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Indoor units contain blowers and evaporators (coil coolers), while outdoor units have compressors and condensers. There is a pipe separating the two units. Split air conditioners provide faster cooling and higher airflow, but they are costly to install and difficult to remove when it's time to move. The farther the units are from each other, the less efficient the unit becomes overall. Maintaining them is also more expensive compared to other types.

Window AC

The installation process of window air conditioners (also known as monoblock air conditioners) is relatively easier than that of split air conditioners, and they have less space requirements. As a window AC has all its components included in one unit, its installation and removal are much easier and cheaper. For people who live in rented homes and move frequently, window AC could reduce the hassle. The look, however, isn't as sophisticated as a split air conditioner. ACs of this type also block window openings and are usually noisy. Moreover, they might not work well in very large rooms.

Must Have Air Conditioner Features

While purchasing a new air conditioner, you have to pay attention to many air conditioner features, which makes it ideal for your space. Some of the top brands like LG, Samsung air conditioner, Whirlpool, Blue Star, Voltas, Lloyd, Carrier, Hitachi, Mitsubishi offer some of the best air conditioner features. Listed below are the most loved and essential features you should consider before buying a new air conditioner.

High Efficiency in Terms of Energy Consumption

Many of the air conditioners available today use considerably less energy than older models. The cooling technology has advanced significantly over the past decade. Invest in an air conditioner with the most effective seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings to stay cool without wasting energy.

Variable-Speed Compressor

Newer air conditioners have variable-speed compressors instead of the older ones' full-speed and complete-stop options. A versatile air conditioner is sure to keep you comfortable all year round.

Smart Connectivity

If the air conditioner can handle both the task of adjusting and calibrating automatically, why worry about it? With this feature, you can rest assured you will enjoy superior comfort and air conditioner efficiency.


Some ACs have a dehumidifying feature that lowers humidity levels in the room while they are cooling a room. You need this feature if you live in an area with uncomfortably high humidity.

Four-Way Swing

For dispersing air in the room, most AC units have two-way swings. As the air passes by you every few seconds, it makes a noticeable difference when it comes to the AC's effectiveness in cooling the room.