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Kitchen Appliances List to Setup a Smart Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances List

A kitchen is the most crucial element of a house. Imagining a house without a kitchen is practically impossible. Every Indian household might be different but the basic kitchen appliances list to elevate your usual kitchen into a smarter and convenient one is the same, regardless of the size of your family and the place you live. Apart from the basic utensils in the kitchen, every kitchen needs a bit of love, in the form of modern kitchen appliances. 

Make your everyday cooking routine easier and a lot more fun-filled with the right selection of kitchen appliances list fit for your home. It’s time to say bye to the boring dishes and bring out the innovative home chef in you to play with the contemporary kitchen must-haves! 

Ideal Kitchen Appliances List for the Modern Home

Here’s the list of integral kitchen appliances for your smart home and a smoother, functional, and efficient kitchen. Kitchen chores need not be time-consuming anymore. Build a well-stocked, efficient kitchen to upgrade your cooking game. 

Pressure Cooker

Why do we call a pressure cooker with its name? Not entirely because it cooks using pressure but also because it relieves the pressure of the home cooks and the kitchen alike. A pressure cooker is a great idea for anyone who loves to cook delicious and flavourful food in a lot lesser time than regular pot cooking. The kitchen will be hollow and incomplete without a pressure cooker on the essential kitchen appliances list. 

Once mastered the art of pressure cooking, all you have to do is throw in the ingredients for your versatile dish in the cooker and chill while the pressure cooker will do its job. 

Mixer Grinder

The tales of hand grinding everything to cook a meal is now a thing from the past. From juicing to grinding, crushing, and powdering, this magical equipment is enough to help you with everything hard. No wonder it’s on the top of the fundamental kitchen appliances list. Most of these mixer grinders come with 3 or 4 jars, suitable for your different kitchen needs. Crispy dosas or crunchy pakoras, the right mixer grinder can keep you covered.

However, with numerous brands available in the market, it’s essential for you to pick the right choice for your kitchen and you can buy mixer juicer grinder online effortlessly from myG.

Induction Cooktop                                

With rising LPG costs and difficulty in getting the same, an Induction cooktop can be an ideal alternative. You can choose from a wide array of models with multiple power variations and enhance your kitchen experience. While gas stoves are the long-ruled kings of any kitchen, induction cooktops can make it easy for you to clean, and faster to cook. 

Don’t worry about leaving the stove on or cleaning the spills and burnouts anymore with this new-age cooking tool.

Rice Cooker 

Are you the amateur cook who is always worried about turning your rice into a mushy mess? Or are you that fine home chef who wants to innovate your way of cooking a bit more? Whichever category you belong to, an electric rice cooker is your perfect companion. Let it be yummy biriyani or simple steamed rice, this amazing kitchen equipment will make sure it comes out perfectly cooked- every single time! 

This ultra-modern kitchen appliance is indispensable in your kitchen appliances list!

Electric Kettle

Is tea or coffee an important part of your daily routine? Are you a person who is having to run around the kitchen multiple times to heat some water? Then it’s high time the electric kettle is a part of your must-have kitchen appliance list. Boil water, cook pasta, and noodles make delicious chai and do a lot more with this tiny amazing kitchen appliance. 
Your hectic life can be a lot more pressureless with the proper equipment to keep you supported and assist you with your daily errands.  It’s time to take a break from the heated kitchen schedule and renovate it into your peaceful space. Embrace the new age of technology from your kitchen itself with appliances suitable for you. 

Are you ready for the kitchen revolution yet? Buy kitchen appliances online at myG and begin the change!


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