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tips on how to reduce AC bill

The world in the year 2020 shook for two reasons. One, the outbreak of coronavirus, and the second would be the huge electricity bill that was bombed in every household. If lockdown or work from home has taught us anything other than being hygienic, then it would be on the importance of energy and electricity. 

With the summers just around the corner, ‘How to reduce AC bill’ is the most common question asked. Adding to this is the continuing saga of remote working. ‘Save energy’ would be the second common slogan after ‘Stay home. Stay safe and Maintain social distance’. 
2021 is here and the virus is still out there. Which makes this summer more indoors than outdoor, that implies more use of AC! If you are wondering ‘Do air conditioners use a lot of electricity?’ then our answer would be a yes and no. Consumptions of electricity depend on the type of AC you use. Are you curious to know ‘Does AC fan speed affect electricity consumption?’ Yes? Follow this blog to learn more.  
We have listed out smart tips on how to reduce the AC bill to save you from the huge electricity bill this summer. Cut down your energy costs by following these simple tips on ‘How to reduce the electricity consumption of the air conditioner? 

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How to Reduce AC Bill

With concerns of increased energy consumption by AC’s, there are a lot of newer energy-saving models that tend to use less electricity and never compromise on their working. Choosing a 5-star annual energy consumption rating would be our first choice of recommendation. 

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption of Air Conditioner?

If you already have an AC installed, using these tricks and tips will help you reduce energy or electricity consumption.

Keep the AC Vent Open and Clean: Vents are installed with air filters that help in keeping the dirt and dust away. With time the filters may get filled up preventing airflow and hence affecting the functionality of the AC. It is advisable to clean the AC vent once in three months regularly to keep up the good functioning of the AC. Closing of AC vent might also prevent them from keeping your room cool and hence increase the use of energy. 

Install and Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat: Upgrading your house with a smart thermostat will largely help you in reducing about 10% of your heating and cooling costs throughout the year especially in summers. With a smart thermostat system installed you can regulate your cooling system from time to time and also adjust the settings via your phone from anywhere. A smart thermostat also helps you in stabilizing the room temperature. 

Keep the Doors, Windows Closed, and Insulated: Always and always keep the doors and windows closed to trap the cooling effect for a longer time. Insulating your house is also another way by which you can ensure that the cool air doesn't escape and gets absorbed by the walls quickly. 

Using a Ceiling Fan: There is a misconception that using a ceiling fan along with an AC reduces its effect. We might be different here. Ceiling fans effectively circulate the air throughout the room and promote healthy circulation. Once the room is cool enough you may switch off the AC without compromising on comfort. 

Add Shades to your Windows: Often rooms get heated up during the day due to the direct sunlight from the windows. One way to prevent the daylight from heating your house is by adding a shade tint to your windows. This helps in reducing the heating up of the rooms and in keeping the house cool throughout the day and night. 

Do Air Conditioners Use a Lot of Electricity? 

The lower the degree of temperature, the more energy conservation. Maintaining a higher temperature would lessen the time taken by the compressor to attain the desired room temperature and hence reduces power consumption. Research says that each degree of increase in AC temperature can help you save about 3-5% of electricity. However, the usage of electricity also depends on the star rating of your AC model. 
This is our compilation of tips on How to reduce AC bill. What are the other tips you can share with us on How to reduce AC bill?
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