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A Guide on Laptop Sizes and Which One you Should Buy

There are certain features of laptops that catch our attention. It might be the brand, battery life, look, processor, or anything else. One of the main features of a laptop is its size. Choosing a laptop size according to your priorities can have many advantages. Screen sizes are determined by taking the diagonal measurement of the screen. To get a clear idea of the size of a laptop, you can also measure its length, width, and height.

While laptops with larger screens offer broader viewing angles, they are usually on the heavier side and not easily portable. On the other hand, laptops with smaller screen sizes are lighter and ideal for working in any location. But their viewing angles may not be that great.

We have put together a laptop size comparison on some of the most popular screen sizes: 


10-inch laptops are probably the smallest laptops available on the market. They usually weigh around 1 kilogram and are ideal for people who constantly work while commuting. The small size and weight allow you to carry it anywhere and watch movies or read notes on the go.

However, the small size comes with its own set of limitations. They usually have a decreased screen resolution. You might also find it hard to run advanced apps because the size of the laptop can accommodate only basic hardware. Also, Read: Top 10 Laptop Brands


There is not a lot of difference between 10-inch laptops and 11-inch laptops. Be it in size, weight, hardware, and uses, they are almost the same. Even though they are easily portable and an advantage to frequent commuters, you cannot utilize these laptops for intense tasks.


Even though they are a little larger and heavier than 10-inch laptops, 12-inch laptops are still compact enough to be carried around in comfort. The increase in size gives them more space for hardware and makes it more powerful. 

Laptops in these sizes often have a little more sophisticated apps like those for photo and video editing, etc. Some 12-inch laptops also offer touch-screen facilities. Even then, it is a long way to go before laptops this size provides high-quality features. Also, Read: Best Laptops Under 30000 with i5 Processor


The 13-inch is the standard size of a full-fledged laptop. With a higher screen space, they offer higher resolution. As a result, you get a better picture and video quality.

They are still compact and quite convenient to transport. These laptops can be used while commuting and at your place of work or home. The latest 13-inch laptops come with various high-end features and hardware. They carry out high-performance functions like graphic designing etc with ease.


14-in laptops are slightly larger than an A4 sheet of paper. Even then, they can still be carried around while traveling. But it is better to be working on these laptops at work or at home. There are many 14-inch laptops available with various specifications ideal for students and office goers. The laptops which have been recently launched in this size come with a lot of hardware features taking their performance a notch higher. 


The 15-inch laptops are probably one of the best laptop screen sizes available. They are one of the most popular sizes amongst users. Laptops of these sizes and above are heavier and more difficult to carry around and are better if kept in a fixed place. 

Laptops of these sizes accommodate high-end hardware and can be used to run multiple complicated programs at a time without the laptop overheating or shutting down. You can easily run virtual reality programs on the latest 15-inch laptops. It is a perfect device for beginner-level gamers.


The biggest laptop size available on the market is 17-inch. Their large size makes it hard to carry these laptops around. With their widescreen, 17-inch laptops can be used to work with two windows side by side. This also means that you can easily run multiple programs simultaneously. 

Besides laptop sizes, you must also look into other features like its processor or CPU, RAM, operating system, battery life, warranty, and anti-glare display before making a decision. It is now very easy to buy laptop online. You can easily compare various brands and go through user reviews.