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Air Conditioners Types and Which is Best for Homes

Air Conditioners Types

With summer temperatures increasing by the year, Air Conditioners are becoming an integral part of every home. Below given are the details of the different types of air conditioners available in the market. Each one is designed for a certain purpose and works differently from the others. You can go through them to get an idea about what kind of AC that you need to buy.

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners are used to cool multiple rooms at once. It is usually used in large homes and offices. There are 2 central air conditioner types. The most common type of central air conditioner is the split system that regulates air through ducts installed in your home. In the split system, the heat inside the house is pulled outdoors and cool air is pushed in. The less popular packages system operates by drawing air from a home, converting it to cool air, and then returning it inside. Also, Read: Which AC Brand is Best

Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split ACs are a combination of an outdoor unit consisting of a compressor & a condenser that comes along with one or more indoor units. The units are connected through tubes and refrigerant circulates through them. Ductless mini split air conditioner types are small and compact and used when you want to cool certain rooms only. They are considered more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are one of the most common air conditioner types for homes. It is a single unit where all of its components are enclosed inside. It is usually used to cool small areas. But since it comes in many sizes, a large one can even be used to cool a small single-story home. Window air conditioner types are usually installed in a window or by making a hole in the wall. They have filters that slide out easily for cleaning.

Portable Air Conditioner

Similar to window air conditioners, portable air conditioners are free-standing units that can be moved from room to room. It only requires a power outlet and access to a window; the unit’s air can be exhausted from using its funnel. You can choose a portable air conditioner if you want a temporary space cooling or if it is not practical to install a window or split air conditioner. 

There are two portable air conditioner types.  A single-hose AC can take in air from inside a room and expel it outdoors. The dual-hose AC pulls air from the outdoors using one hose. This air cools the compressor and is then exhausted outdoors through the other hose.

Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

If you prefer a ductless mini-split AC but lack the required space for a wall-mounted unit, then you can use a floor-mounted air conditioner. The indoor unit of a floor-mounted AC is rested on the floor, and the outer unit can be installed without any site preparation or ductwork. 
Floor-Mounted Air Conditioners are  ideal for spaces with tilted walls such as attics or buildings constructed with fragile materials such as glass. They can be installed up to 6 inches higher than the floor, and connected to the outdoor unit through a small hole in the wall. They can cool the room quicker than any other mounting system as the fan blows the air directly at your level. Also, Read: Alloy vs Copper AC

Smart Air Conditioner

Any IoT-enabled air conditioner is called a smart air conditioner. They can be mini-split, window, or portable. These ACs can be connected to Wi-Fi and come with an app providing control through a smartphone. The functions provided by manufacturers are different from one another. They can include weekly scheduling, geofencing, comfy mode, temperature range control, etc. 

Nowadays, you can also find smart AC controllers that provide all the functionalities of a smart AC to any conventional ducted unit. They are like programmable thermostats and come at a fraction of the cost compared to smart ACs.

Geothermal Air Conditioning System

Geothermal air conditioning system requires an intensive underground setup. It is a modern method that makes use of the insulating properties of the earth. In this kind of AC, geothermal technology takes advantage of the consistent heat temperatures of land under 4 to 6 ft to heat and cool homes.

Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

A hybrid system combines a gas furnace with an electric air-source heat pump to deliver cost-effective & efficient heating & cooling. The system automatically switches between burningfossil fuelsand using electricity depending on the outside temperature. There is a manual switch to change the system from heat pump to furnace or you can program the temperature at which the system switches.

Selecting the Best Types of Air Conditioner

Besides its functions, there are some other factors you need to consider before deciding on an AC. If you consider the budget, centralized ACs are the most expensive ones. Ductless air-conditioners are considered the most cost-effective. But smart ACs, while costlier to buy, are more energy-saving and cheaper on the run. You can also look into the energy consumption, space requirements, ease of maintenance, and cooling power before deciding on an air conditioner.

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