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Godrej 1 Ton AC

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MRP 48,900.00 32,500.00
Star Rating5 Star Condenser CoilCopper Condenser with Anti Corrosive Blue Fins
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MRP 41,900.00 27,900.00
Star Rating3 Star Condenser CoilCopper
Star Rating3 Star Condenser CoilCopper

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In general, preparing for the heat of summer takes time and money. Stay comfortable and relaxed this summer by opting for a godrej ac instead of the usual efforts. Enjoy the cool breeze of the Alps in the comfort of your home with the help of Godrej's wide range of features. godrej ac makes sure your home is a cool, comfortable place to stay during the summer heat with the advancements in technology. 

You can choose between window and split air conditioners from Godrej AC 1 Ton. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the two. There are window air conditioners that have features such as auto restart, delay on/off, and memory. There are even split air conditioners from Godrej that have many helpful features. Take a look at some of the features that make Godrej brand air conditioners one of the best in the industry. 

Best AC Brand in India: Godrej AC Features

The air conditioner is one of the main concerns in our minds during the summer because we worry about paying high electric bills and overusing it. The Godrej house boasts an ISEER of 5.8. The measure takes into account a variety of factors, including energy consumption, load and efficiency. It is therefore used to determine an air conditioner's star rating. Godrej appliances are energy efficient, reducing your energy bills by 5.8 ISEER. 

It is no secret that household machines are plagued by rust. The Godrej innovations solve this problem intelligently. An aluminium condenser on the Godrej split AC has a golden nano coating. By protecting your air conditioner against corrosion and rust, this layer of coating will ensure added longevity. 

Godrej offers a temperature-sensing Intelligent Air Throw mode that automatically adjusts air throw based on the room's temperature. It reduces cases of dry skin and fatigue due to continuous high air throw. It is also possible to manually adjust the air throw using the User Defined Air Throw (UDAT) mode.

 A brushless DC motor provides high efficiency in this AC. The 3 BLDC motors are controlled automatically by Godrej's smart logic technology. 

Godrej's AC Keeps you Fresh and Healthy  

Filters on the twin filters prevent bacteria, viruses and hair particles from entering the air. By using this system, you can ensure a healthy home environment. Godrej's smart system is based on a printed circuit board that is protected from moisture and corrosion by a special coating that makes it last forever. 

Godrej A/C with Eco-Friendliness  

This makes Godrej ACs one of the best ac brands in india 1 ton because they run in ECO mode, saving power. Godrej makes sure that it is eco-friendly by ensuring zero Ozone depletion potential. 

To beat the searing heat, choose from Godrej air conditioners available in different models. Make an informed decision by comparing different features and godrej 1 ton ac price from myG. myG allows you to buy AC online and have them delivered directly to your doorstep using easy and secure payment options including net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cash on delivery. 

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