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Cake Mixing Ceremony - Culinary Delights at myG

The joyous ambience of myG's 'Spreading Happiness' Cake Mixing Ceremony enveloped Kozhikode as the South India-based giant in digital gadgets and home appliances celebrated its enduring success. A.K. Shaji, the Chairman and Managing Director of myG, marked the inauguration of this grand event. He was accompanied by esteemed personalities such as Director Hajira Shaji, Chief Business Development Officer Anish CR, General Manager Operations Krishnakumar, General Manager Sales and Service Rath Kuttat, and General Manager CE-Sales Sudheesh CS. The ceremony extended its warmth to include customers and civic leaders, creating a vibrant assembly.


“Spreading Happiness Cake” Mixing Ceremony held in Kozhikode - myG

 Recognised as Kerala's beloved brand, myG has charmed 80 lakh customers through its extensive network of over 100 stores over the past 18 years. The growing number of showrooms and customers attests to the brand's unwavering popularity, firmly embedding myG in the hearts of the community. In expressing gratitude for the continuous love and support received, myG orchestrated a spectacular cake-mixing ceremony, an emblematic gesture symbolising the shared joy of the journey.

 During the inauguration, K Shaji, with pride, shared myG's commitment to enhancing economic security within the community. The expansion of myG's footprint translates not only to the accessibility of the best gadgets and appliances but also to the creation of employment opportunities for residents. Each new store opening contributes to the empowerment of the local workforce, solidifying myG's role as a catalyst for economic growth.

 The theme of 'Spreading Happiness' reverberated beyond the physical gathering, embodying myG's philosophy of fostering joy in every customer's life. K. Shaji emphasised the brand's dedication to sharing happiness through the distribution of sweets, an act that resonates with millions of individuals who have welcomed myG into their homes.

 Beyond the clientele, the event also served as a platform to express gratitude to political leaders who have supported myG's mission to bring happiness to every home. The convergence of diverse stakeholders underscored the communal spirit that myG has cultivated, transcending mere business transactions to establish meaningful connections.

 In essence, myG's 'Spreading Happiness' Cake Mixing Ceremony was not just a celebration of success but a testament to the brand's enduring commitment to its customers, employees, and the community at large. As myG continues to evolve, the ceremony served as a milestone—a moment to reflect on the journey so far and anticipate the bright future ahead.

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