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Must Have Smart TV Features: A Complete List

Must Have Smart TV Features

Smart TVs are touted by a lot of new TVs, regardless of how stupid the smart these smart TV  features actually are. A smart TV is such a vague term that you can call any TV that comes equipped with Internet connectivity and a few lame apps one. Fortunately, there are also quite a few highly impressive Smart TVs on the market. You don't need to use a function just because it is "incredible". There is a middle ground between a Smart TV that is dim witted on the one hand and misunderstood on the other. Here are the best smart TV features you need in a smart TV if you're shopping for one.

Top Smart TV Features List

If you are wondering what features do smart tvs have, there are quite a lot of smart tv features and benefits. However, there are certain smart TV features that are quintessential to make your smart TV smart in reality. Checkout the best smart TV features that plays as the advantages of smart tv. 

1. User-Friendly Interface

You won't even think twice about speed, which is one of the most key features of any Smart TV, if you already have it. If you don't want to be endlessly frustrated by how sluggish your Smart TV is, you need an interface that allows you to do what you want almost before you realize what you want.

2. Video Streaming Services

Join at least one online streaming video service (but probably more), such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, or even Funny or Die. Also, there's CBS All Access, HBO Now, and Showtime Anytime. Fast Internet connections make streaming more movies and TV shows possible than you can ever watch-but, you can only do so if your Smart TV has an app(s) that support the online service(s) you want to access.

3. Streaming UHD Video in 4K

At the moment, there aren't too many 4K Ultra HD streaming options. A few are available, mostly from Netflix, Amazon Instant, and M-GO. Subscribers of these services would have access to their particular 4K UHD selections simply by owning a 4K UHD Smart TV. However, this is not the case. The Smart TV must be compatible with the specific service. 

4. Online music streaming

When you think about a new Smart TV, listening to music might not be your first consideration. However, if it's included, you'll be surprised how much you use it, especially in areas without an audio system, such as the kitchen, the bedroom, or other locations. The app store on your Smart TV should have your favorite music streaming service. 

5. Media Player

Media players that support DLNA provide access to digital videos, photos, and music stored on network-attached storage devices or computers connected to your home network. Plex, for example, can organize, categorize, and convert your digital content, so all of your digital stuff is instantly accessible.

6. A Universal Search Engine

Our availability of so many streaming services online is one blessing, but it's also a curse, since browsing through each service one by one is often a daunting, time-consuming task. Most Smart TVs have built-in search engines or guides that will search for movies, TV shows, actors, genres, and so forth. Some are more thorough than others, however. While some smart TV features might offer you specific services, others don't. If you want a truly smart Smart TV, get one with the most extensive search functionality.

7. App Store

Even though your Smart TV is the smartest in the world today, technology is constantly evolving. As time goes on, Smart TV users should be able to download new apps and services via an app store so they can keep up with new services and features.

 The following Smart TV features are not the only ones that should be considered necessities. Skype capability, either built-in or with an optional camera, is another must-have, but only for people who use Skype on a regular basis. You should definitely check out the voice control and/or motion control features on some Smart TVs because they're an incredibly cool way to operate one. The addition of a wired Ethernet connection is also a useful feature, in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, which is built into most Smart TVs. 

You’ve seen most of the smart tv benefits in the blog now what is stopping you to buy TV online? There are no perfect things in life, but if you get most—and preferably all—of the features above, then you'll have the perfect Smart TV.