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Acer Spin 1 Laptop Review

Acer spin 1 Pentium quad-core laptop is a budget-friendly laptop that comes with a folding display. everyone likes to own a laptop which is slim enough to carry around. This laptop from Acer is highly portable with its ultra-slim body (weighs just 1.5 kg) that can keep it with you where ever you go. This laptop has an 11.6-inch display with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is powered by Intel Pentium 4200 quad-core processor with a 500 GB HDD and a 4GB DDR3 RAM.

This model is equipped with a monaural microphone, webcam, inbuilt microphone, stereo speakers, and also supports HD 720p video recording. With the Intel HD Graphics, this laptop is capable to handle all videos and games. Connectivity options that come along with this device include USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi, and MicroSD.

A detailed review of Acer Spin 1 is described below. Come, let's have a look into it.

Acer Spin 1 - Design and Appearance

Like most of the laptops that are available in the market, Spin 1 is made of plastic that gives a cool attractive look with the combination of standard colours. With its elegant appearance and fine finish, it looks and feels to be reasonably solid. The outer shell of this model reflects a fabric style pattern that gives the users a good grip to hold and even hides the scratches that accidentally made on it. The inner side of Spin 1 is done with an aluminum finish that covers the surrounded keyboard too. This adds extra beauty to Acer Spin 1 by maintaining a decent look overall.

As mentioned in the intro part, this is a lightweight device that measures the 20.3mm thickness and weighs just 1.5 Kg which is really a better option to stick on. This model holds a lot of ports on the left edge including three full-size USB ports and full-size HDMI. On the left edge, it holds the power button, charging port, volume button, microSD slot, and a lock slot.

Acer Spin 1 - Keyboard and Touchpad

With well-spaced keys, the keyboard of Acer Spin 1 is great in action. The users can make use of the keys with all the typing speed and accuracy. As we have seen indicators for certain keys in some of the laptops, with Spin 1 there are no such indicators that come with the keys like scroll lock, caps lock, etc. But, this is not a big thing that makes the model stay back as the key arrangements are done really well that gives the user a great comfort.

The Touchpad of Acer Spin 1 is an apt one to work even for hours each day. This is really adequate to perform the touch operations which is accurate and quick. The click action also works well even in complicated actions like dropping and dragging.

Acer Spin 1 - Display

One of the main highlights of Acer Spin 1 is its screen. The fact is that tablets are not good at viewing from the odd angles. But, in case of spin 1, the display gives the users a cool view from any angles with its TN LCD and IPS. The resolution of this model is packed up with 1920 x 1080 that delivers sharp images without any compromise. The Windows scaling settings is a great option that helps to run at full resolution in case if you wish to fit a lot of data on the screen. The maximum brightness is at 260 nits, and the contrast ratio 874:1 overcome all the shortcomings that most of the laptops suffer.

Acer Spin 1 - Audio and Webcam

Spin 1 comes with a couple of speakers that are placed below the front edge of the model. These speakers are enough to provide the user with a proper loudness and clear sounds that gives a great experience while you watch videos and or hear your favorite track even at low volume. In case of the webcam, it is placed in the common position as in other laptops above the screen and is really fine for video calling. A clear cut image with sufficient voice quality makes video calling on the track for the users where they can perform their job with ease.

Acer Spin 1 - Performance

Acer Spin 1 holds a wide range of configurations that use either Intel N4200 and N3450 quad-core processors or Intel N3350 dual-core processor. With this laptop, comes a 500GB hard drive, a 128GB SSD or 32 and 64GB eMMC drives. The Intel HD Graphics processor offers a powerful environment that the users will really get impressed with its performance. The N4200 processor and 4GB RAM are sufficient for adequate performance. This is a good option for performing multitasking without any lag like loading your browser with a dozen tabs, scrolling through large spreadsheets, editing more than one picture at a time, etc.

Acer Spin 1 - Battery Life

Acer spin 1 is really satisfying with its power throughout the day that this laptop provides the users a battery life up to 12 hours. With the Intel Pentium processor of spin 1, the laptop is supercharged which is good enough for both the work and for playing your favorite games. The battery won't hinder you while carrying out any of the tasks on the laptop. The battery type used in spin 1 is Li-ion with 3 cell battery with a power supply of 41 W AC Adapter W.


The folding touch screen design, compactable screen, long-lasting battery life, and more around a price range of 32,990/- is a great deal for all the users. This laptop is an ideal travel companion that fits really well where ever you go. If you wish to own one, then make it from a trusted store with the best service. MyG store is one such store that you can trust where you'll find quality products with exciting offers.


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