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Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: Things to Know

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Today it is impossible to imagine a house without a ceiling fan. They are the most essential electronics that are a long term investment and a must required object in any household. With thousands of options of ceiling fans available in the market, it is very confusing to choose the best. But not anymore!

We have curated a detailed ceiling fan buying guide for you with all details including price, features, things to keep in mind and everything. Thesis guide will help you analyse and choose the best fans that would not only match perfectly with your home interiors but also offer you a complete and full air circulation at the best. Check out the ceiling fan buying guide. 

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide India

While buying a ceiling fan you must first set your budget range and have an understanding in prioritizing the specifications. If you are looking for ceiling fan options that are eco-friendly and absorb less energy, you would be surprised and overwhelmed with the options. Brands like Philips, Havels, Usha, Bajaj, Crompton Greaves are few of the top players who have been offering the best fans and have been one of the top players in the market. At myg Digital, we offer a wide variety of ceiling fans from different and renowned brands at the best prices. 

What to Consider When Buying a Ceiling Fan?


Like we always say, set a budget range for yourself before looking for any electronics or gadgets. At myG Digital we offer ceiling fans in different budget rates with the best features and specifications that would match your expectations the best. If you want a traditional ceiling fan that works well and offers a great air circulation alone, then you may go for a budget friendly and basic model. But if you are going for something fancy and want something that matches your interiors and offers you the best air circulation throughout spreading across the room, then you may add up a little more on your budget and look for options from Crompton, Usha fans. However if you are energy conscious and want eco-friendly options you can get ceiling fans starting from and above 5000 Rs. Also, Read:Top 5 Reasons to Buy Electronic Gadgets Online

Fan location: 

Buying a ceiling fan depends on the space and area of the room that you are planning to install the fan. Area and space of the room are directly proportional to what king of a ceiling fan you must opt for. For example, if you are planning to buy a ceiling fan for your hall or living room, you must ensure to get something that would cover all the spaces. Living room is a room that you would spend the most of your time watching TV or for other activities. You are sure to get something that circulates air in all the corners of the room. Going for a little more costly fan when compared to your bedrooms is advisable. Also depending on the weather and damp rates, you may surf for ceiling fans that best suit your home and the environment. Also, Read: TV Types: Buyer's Guide

Fan Size: 

Ceiling fans are available in different sizes and are not one-size-fits-all fixtures. They are available in different sizes, ranging from 14 inches to 72 inches wide. However, choosing the right fan depends on the size that can be calculated in square footage and on the height of your room. So like mentioned above, based on the location where you are planning to install the fan, select the right size and make sure it is in the appropriate size for your room to ensure proper air circulation. 

Fan Efficiency and Airflow: 

Fan efficiency and airflow are the most important thing and the main reason what we look for in a ceiling fan. The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan, as it determines the airflow and the efficiency. Which is why, we suggest our customers invest in motors rather than for the looks and designs. However the design and models matter, if the fan cannot do its job properly your money and investment will go waste. Fans from DC Motors offer great torque and consume 70 percent less energy. In addition to this, fans with higher energy ratings such as 5 star rating are eco-friendly and consume less energy. 
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