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Employee Receives Brand New Benz as a Token of Appreciation from myG

Employee receives brand new Benz

Calicut: Who doesn’t want to be appreciated at work?! And if the appreciation is in the form of gifts, it will be twice as special. There are many companies nowadays who give their employees various hampers during special occasions. What if one of the leading companies decides to give their long term employee a brand new Benz? Don’t be too quick to say no, because the same has happened here, in one of India’s fastest growing electronic retail chains, our own myG. 

Our MD and owner, Mr. A K Shaji is the person behind this awe inspiring story. myG’s chief business delivery officer, Mr. Aneesh is the person who received this unfathomable gift from
mr. Shaji. Recently, Aneesh was surprised with a GLA, which is a small SUV model of Benz by the MD. 

The friendship and relationship between this employer and employee started way before launching our brand and still continues to be a part of the business as the head of marketing and project maintenance. Aneesh has been taking care of these areas in myG with utmost care and attention which made him deserving of this amazing gift. 

This is not the first time that we are gifting their employees with extravagant gifts like cars and sponsored international trips. Two years ago, we were recognized for giving 6 of their employees cars. According to our MD, Mr Shaji, employees who are happy and satisfied are the key to successful businesses and our brand’s success stories proves it all over again. 


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