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is this the best time to buy tv

Most of us wait for festival seasons as they are commonly considered to be the best time to buy TV and other electronics. While festival seasons do come up with offers and discounts that are irresistible, that’s not the only time you can invest in that dream TV you wanted in your living room.

The idea is to follow a few tips to choose wisely and smartly when it comes to buying the best smart TV. The market is exploding with newer designs with better specifications and higher performance every other week. It's naturally a confusing errand to buy a smart TV when you have too many options out there.

Moreover, buying a smart TV is a little more complicated than buying a mobile phone or other electronic gadgets. Read on for a concise Smart TV buying guide for your perusal.

A Smart TV Buying Guide

Gone are the days of the space-occupying block of the traditional old TV. Smart TV is the new kid on the block owing to its versatility and modern specifications. With everyone using smart phones and going smart with all kinds of gadgets, it’s only sensible to buy the best smart TV for one’s home.

Not to mention how the pandemic and lockdown has made smart TV the most sought after entertainment, considering that even movies were being premiered on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. Spending days on end indoors, many of us took to bringing on series and TV shows than we ever have. 

Although life is beginning to normalize, the best time to buy TV is still not past you because you are still going to want to chill on weekends and watch movies without masks. So here’s what you should know about choosing the best smart TV.

Know your Specification Requirements

A TV is something that you are going to keep and use for a longer time than a smartphone or tablet. You need to be very picky when it comes to buying a smart TV.

So, know what you need before you think about the best time to buy TV. Research and ask around to those who are knowledgeable about TV specifications. You need to consider the space in your house where you will install your TV and choose specifications like screen size, display type, connectivity and sound accordingly.

Know your Options

The trend matters. It shows you the options in the market. Recent favourites among TV consumers include LED TVs. The sleek design has won many hearts and it adds to the glow of a minimalistic interior.

Browse for a practical LED smart TV buying guide to know what to look for when you are choosing one for your home. There are different kinds of LED smart TV sets now to choose from. The most popular in today’s market is LCD LED sets.

There are also over-the-top options like OLED TV sets which offer higher contrast and supremely fine display. If you are not under budget constraints, OLED TVs are quite flamboyant. 

Now, if a smart TV is what your mind is set on, we totally get you, because that’s been pretty much the need of the past year and the scenario has not changed a lot. With built-in WiFi and various Operating Systems powering these TVs, just choose the interface that suits your deftness and convenience and you are good to go. Smart TVs are also your best friend when it comes to streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos or even live programs. 

Know your Budget

There are always budget-friendlier options in the market if you cannot go for luxury-range products and the same is true for TVs, too. An online electronics store is a hassle-free space to compare and choose. Moreover, the prices are incredibly low at online stores and you can even save on shipping and have access to great customer care. And the best thing about it during these times is, you can stay home and stay safe.

If you are on a budget, which many have been in the past year, the best time to buy TV is during special sales days, especially online stores. Even high-end products come with considerable discounts and attractive offers during festival seasons like Onam, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Keep your eyes open for promotional sales, too, from newly opened retailers and distributors as they can be really worth it. Also, check: Offers on TV

What are your preferences and requirements when investing in a TV? If this short attempt at a guide to buying a smart TV has answered your important queries, check out our online store for a myriad collection of TVs and other electronics. 

If you have got more questions for us, reach out to us. We would love to help you choose that fine companion you need at home after a taxing day!


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