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Smart TV vs Android TV: Which is Better

Smart TV vs Android TV

There are a lot of brand and model options when it comes to televisions. Hence, making a decision on which TV to finally buy for your living room, bedroom or even the dining hall can be very difficult to make. The thing that we find the most difficult when it comes to TVs is the struggle to distinguish and find the differences between various types of televisions. The difference between Android TV and Smart TV tops the rest of the queries.

Most of us find it difficult to understand the basic differences between the various sorts of assorted sets of electronics, especially television. If you are perplexed between finalizing Smart TV vs Android TV, this blog can be quite helpful. While these two have quite a lot of similarities, there can only be one winner for the debate Smart TV vs Android TV. Though we can say Android TV is a type of Smart TV, the differences of the Smart TV vs Android TV might make one better suited than the other for your home or office space. 

The debate between Smart TV vs Android TV has been going on for a handful of years now. While some think the simplicity of smart TV out performs the complex  features of Android TV, others feel like the compatibility of online content on a larger screen is only made possible by the stunning additions of an Android TV. So tell us, are you confused about what to buy Smart TV or Android TV?  We have decided to help you figure the way out of this confusion through the easiest way possible. Also, Read: TV Types: Buyer's Guide

In order to put an end to your troubles and doubts, we have composed the content that you can use to find the perfect TV to suit you and your situation. Listed below are the basic differences and similarities between the two to help you differentiate between both. Without further ado, find the answer to your questions like is an Android TV worth buying? Is a Smart TV worth buying or even finding the answer to the difference between Android TV and Smart TV. 

Difference between Android TV and Smart TV

Though both Android TV and Smart TV show similar features, there are many things that make these two very different from each other. Find the basic dissimilarities between the two here on this Smart TV vs Android TV blog. 

Smart TV

While looking for the Best TV in India 2021, you might have definitely come across the question Is smart TV worth buying. The Smart TV, also known as the INternet TV can provide a lot more than just some visuals with the internet connectivity. Simply put, Smart TV is like a computer inbuilt with your television. Similar to a computer, you can use Netflix, Facebook or Youtube with the Smart TV itself. However, these are not upgradable and if you need faster and better updates, you might change the whole TV to cater the newer features and updates. 

Smart TVs are extremely simple with user-friendly features and can make your user experience extremely hassle-free. Another advantage of Smart TV in the Smart TV vs Android TV game is that this TV has all the features at one place and hence, no set up is required. On the other hand, the limitation when it comes to hosting different apps can be a drawback. Also, the systems might become obsolete due to the less frequent firmware updates. 

Android TV 

Most of the users think that the Android TV has an upper hand when it comes to Smart TV vs Android TV and the most important reason to this is that Android TVs actually offer all the features like a Smart Tv, like connectivity to the internet and the compatibility of many applications. However, unlike Smart Tvs, Android TVs will let you connect to the Playstore and just like using a smartphone, you can effortlessly download and use whichever application you want to. Also, you can ask the Google Assistant to get the TV to do its work and you can operate the television handsfree. 

The vast majority of applications in the Playstore can be downloaded to the Android TV and the more frequent firmware and app updates will make your user experience up to date. The support of google assistant and connectivity options to Google Play, Music and Movies are huge pluses. However, you might struggle with the user interface if you are not familiar with Android. 

You can buy TV online, both Android and Smart and make your space more active. What are you waiting for? Haven’t you got the doubts cleared about Smart TV vs Android TV already? 


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What you said is very clear.
For a tech man Android TV is more comfortable and he can use it on the same way he uses a smartphone.
For other people, they will be more comfortable with the pre-installed apps in Smart TV and they don't have to worry about play store...
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Totally useless as it doesn't make a solid recommendation and is so poorly written that it says nothing of use. I suspect this was written in a non-English speaking language and poorly translated into gibberish.
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Go for Andriod as next Gen. product as Google assist. with no limitation to use on line apps.
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All cleared with very much simplicity and perfectly in a few minutes. Of course it depends upon the choice and purpose of the customer's use.
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Android tv
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Very good information.
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