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Future Smartphones

The mobile phones were first introduced in the 20th century. When well packed with modern features and excellent functionalities, the latest smartphones have evolved. As we all know, today's smartphone is not just an online or offline medium of communication, but more than that. In this digital world, smartphone act as a compact computer which adapts to ever-changing customer needs and requirements.

It is well clear that in the upcoming years the demand for smartphones will grow and it is not hard to know that smartphones are here to stay in the long run. Whether you wish to own the latest smartphones from any of your favourite brands, just rush to myG, where you can meet the rising demand for the functional and perceptive phone now and in the years to come.

The present use of smartphones

We all use smartphones and they play an important role in our daily life. The mobile phones fulfil our daily needs and we cannot imagine a single day without using it. The smartphones that we hold in our hands, not only serves as an all-inclusive gadget but also as an exhaustive entertainment repository filled with apps, videos, 3D games, and what not! It can be considered as a one-stop solution for all your needs that helps you to pay bills online, view and edit the documents, book cabs, railway tickets, film tickets, order your favourite food, health checkups, and a wide range of other activities.

Future of smartphones

New trending, latest smartphones are now available in the present market. You can select either online or offline. When a new model arrives, we tempt to believe that we have got the utmost potential without any sign of improvement. But the reality cannot be kept unnoticed for long. The truth is that smartphones are continuously upgrading with more compelling features that fit our changing lifestyles. Every mobile brand is working with its own professionals and experts to come up with efficient innovations. While we wait to grab such cutting-edge innovations, always keep in mind that you won't get a smartphone with the utmost features that will not be upgraded by the company later. There will always be a few features and functionalities that are in their initial development stages or are yet to bridge the gap between the vision and reality.

Smartphone Expectations in the future?

• Sturdier Battery Life

There are endless possibilities that future smartphone demands and one of them is a better battery life. Sturdier battery life means a battery that lasts for days on end without the need to continuous charging. Just think a situation that even after hours and hours of continuous usage the phone’s battery simply refuses to run out. Sounds amazing right? This can be surely expected with the upcoming trending smartphones.

• Better recognition Capabilities and speech Interpretation

There are a lot of smart personal assistants in smartphones like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant that with the emergence of these the searching is now an easier task and any kind of information is available in our hands than it was before. Here we focus on the future in context, and the upcoming smartphones promise further research and advancement in the area that makes the smartphones capable to support language translation, individualized voice recognition, and a natural language user interface. All of these makes your phone to handle and deliver a variety of voice-based tasks like asking questions, locating directions without even typing texts, sourcing facts, and figures, quick response to user queries, executing user commands and providing proper recommendations. All you need to do is just say "Ok Google" or "Hey Siri" and stay relaxed that your smartphone will do further.

• Impressive Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the upcoming years, it's not a big wonder to expect smartphones acquire the AI revolution. In the latest Google phones, this is already on its track with the machine learning that detects human faces in a picture and stores similar ones in the specific folders. But still, the AI technology is yet to be fully used as it holds vast potential and is capable of doing wonders when integrated into mobile phones. We can expect an impressive decision making and predictive skills that analyze and decode user behaviour patterns seamlessly.

• In-Built Presentation Tools

Most of the smartphones are used for office works. We expect that the latest phones hold in-built projectors that enable us to use the smartphone to set up quality presentations even though we are on the move or in case if we don't have access to a specific meeting room to project your content.

• Flexible/3D Screens

Expecting smartphones with 3D screens in the coming years will create waves among almost all smartphone manufacturers. Surely, the technology matures in the coming days that this will pay the way for unparalleled user experience. The future smartphones hold the possibility of transparent screens which are VR friendly that gives you a rich experience.

There is an increased chance for today's ultra-slim smartphones to eliminate the bezels completely. As a result, bezel-less displays will be common which promotes better and comfortable viewing. It won't surprise us if we come across a wearable smartphone in the future.

• Enhanced AR Potential

Virtual reality can bring close to the real world through computer-generated sound, video, graphics, and GPS data, whereby pointing the smartphone's camera to the surrounding places, AR allows you to capture live video imagery. This also presents in front of you with the relevant information overlay on the live screen that you have in your hands. Coming are the days that the smartphone can do all the tricks for you.

Even though we have discussed the future of smartphones, it is still unpredictable. By analyzing the existing trends and technologies, the above discussion has carried out and its a fact that the way forward in the smartphone industry cannot be predicted. We can only hope that the smartphones that are yet to come make life seamless with all the new-age features. If you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you can visit our myG stores or myG online for an ultimate collection of latest phones with smart deals and more.


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