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Phone Battery Draining Issue

Smartphones have become a major part of our daily routine. One of the major issues that most of us face using these smartphones will be that of battery life. Everyone out there must have wished to have long lasting battery life for their smartphone. We all must have been in a situation where your phone is at 1% charge and you are in a rush to find a power source. Finding a power source may not be possible in all situations. So, here are some of the few tips that help to extend your phones battery life.

Find out your phone's battery draining apps

Most of the time, phone's short battery life is reduced due to power hungry apps. Check the battery menu of your phone where you can find out the apps that consume your phone's battery way more than other apps. If any of those power consuming are not necessary, disable or even uninstall them in order to gain long battery life. If they are needed, just restart the apps so the battery usage will be reduced.

Lower/turn down your screen brightness

Screen brightness is one factor which consumes a lot of battery. Turning down the brightness level will help you save energy. Activating your auto-brightness is also a good option to save energy as that will adjust the brightness automatically when there is lesser light. In certain latest models, there is an option for eye protection that reduces your screen brightness and protects your eyes.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When your phone searches for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals, your phone's battery is constantly being drained. Latest Android phones come with a feature that continues to look for open Wi-Fi networks even when you’ve disabled Wi-Fi. To turn off, go to Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi. Under Wi-Fi preferences, make the automatic Wi-Fi option uncheck.

Close all unused or unwanted running apps

Closing all the unwanted running apps will help save energy. When multiple apps are running in the background the consumption of energy will be a lot higher, resulting in slowing down the actions and draining the battery.

Disable location services

Turning off your GPS will help you improve your phone's battery. Enabling location services will consume a lot of energy. So turn on your GPS only when you are in need of any location services. Otherwise, when left open it will reduce the efficiency and it will continue to send and receive data and signals killing the battery.

Enable flight mode

Enabling flight mode is an easy option to save your battery if you have no signal or you don't need connectivity. Switching on flight mode will prevent your phone from searching for signals. So if you are in a low signal area switch to flight mode to save energy. This option is particularly useful when you are using your phone primarily as a camera and you can make sure the camera is on as long as it can.

Switch on to lite or progressive web apps

There are some of the lite web apps introduced by companies to help improve the phone's battery making it a better experience for users. These are slimmed down versions that are available in the browser.

Turn off vibrate

Vibration alerts consume more battery. so, switch off vibrate. Unless you really think its an added awareness, turn off vibration alerts for your incoming calls.

Reduce screen timeout (auto-lock)

If you leave your screen unused, then it will automatically turn off after a certain period of time. You can save energy by just reducing the time of screen timeout. Always set it for seconds, that will lock within seconds while not using it.

Choose a dark theme

Go for a dark theme as it uses no energy, and darker colors use less energy than bright colors like white. If your phone holds an OLED or AMOLED screen, it can save energy and thereby preserves battery. You can even apply a dark wallpaper, and enable night mode on compatible apps like Pocket, Twitter, and more.


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