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Smartphone Heat Problem

We use our smartphones and accessories to perform various tasks such as taking photos, connecting with our family and friends, reading news, playing music, watching videos, sending emails, doing some quick work and the basic function of making calls. Thus mobile phones play a vital role in our day to day life.

At times, you may have noticed that your phones get overheat. There are multiple causes for this and this is a problem that needs to be fixed soon as constant/continuous overheat can cause the phone to be damaged permanently. But hey, do not worry! There are a wide variety of ways to prevent the mobile phones from getting overheating.

So here are the main causes of mobile phones overheating:

1. Overcharging

One of the main reasons for overheating is by charging your phone for long. You can see a message "Phone sufficiently charged please unplug” on the screen that pops up when the charging reached 100%. If not unplugged even after a long time, then it becomes hotter that can wreak havoc on your smartphone. A low-quality charger can also create overheating issues.

2. Low-quality charger and/or cable

Always use the branded charger and cable provided along with your mobile phone to charge it. If it's become faulty, make sure you buy the genuine charger and/or cable. Using a duplicate charger and/or cable is dangerous as it can cause the mobile phone to overheat and even blast in the worst case.

3. Using Incompatible charger

Most people use charger of other mobile phones without realising that the charger is not compatible with the phone. If the cable connector of a charger can match your mobile phone, it doesn't mean the charger is compatible. Always use the charger provided along with the phone. If it's necessary to use some other charger, make sure the output voltage and current match with your mobile and the charger doesn't have any extra feature that your phone doesn't support.

4. Infected by a Virus

If your phone lacks a good anti-virus software, you could be attacked by a hidden malware which causes over-heating. To overcome this, download apps only from the trusted sources, and periodically scan your phone with a good anti-virus app.

5. Suffocating mobile phone cases

Many fancy phone cases are available in the market that makes your phone looks good. But some of these cases could make your phone suffocating from inside making it no space to breathe. Try to avoid such cases and go for branded mobile phone cases which is available for all almost all models.

6. Apps running in the background

Now, the apps are great at multitasking that runs many programs at once. If you are using applications that have many background tasks, then these apps can heat up your phone without even using it.

7. Over usage of mobile phones

Adjusting your mobile phone usage at a comfortable level is not only harmless for your phone, but it is good for your eyes too. More the mobile phone usage, more the heating and battery issues. So adjust your mobile usage to a healthy level today itself. Also, make sure the screen brightness of your mobile is at the optimum level. It's recommended to buy a mobile phone that has an auto brightness adjustment feature.

How to Prevent Your Phone From Overheating issues

• Do not overcharge
• Do not use low quality or incompatible charger/cable
• Do not use suffocating cases
• Reboot your mobile phone once in every 3 days if it has been running straight.
• Avoid direct sunlight
• Reduce the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Use only when needed.
• Download apps only from trusted sources.
• Limit mobile phone usage at a comfortable level.

Preventing overheating of your phone also helps its battery live longer. If your mobile gets overheat at any time, shut down your mobile phone, allow it to rest for some time (until the temperature has come down) and start it back. As a safety feature, both phones and tablets are designed to shut down in extreme temperatures. All you need is to wait until it gets recovered from high temperature to put the above into practice.


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