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What is a Laptop? Well, we all know what it is and an introduction is not imperative here. Anyways, for those who do not know, it is a portable computer. The invention of the laptop created a notable revolution in the digital world. It came as a bulky and heavy gadget at first but at the moment we have different varieties of laptops from renowned brands like Apple, HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, etc. Laptops at first had only one variant but now we have a bevy of laptops that can be used for different purposes. There are laptops that are specially made for office use, for gamers there are high-end laptops made for gaming, there are foldable laptops like Acer Aspire 5 and there are a lot more options in the present market. Laptops were once a premium gadget that was acquired only by companies for office use but now they are priced in an affordable range and it has become an extensively used device. Many people adhere to Laptops nowadays and there are reasons behind it. Let's dive into it.

1. Portability

The portability or the can-be-carried-around quality is something makes a laptop a special gadget. You can take laptops anywhere you want. Let it be lying on the bed and watching movies, cooking and watching cooking instructional videos simultaneously, or sipping coffee at a cafe while working, a laptop comes handy. A Laptop can be taken with you wherever you go and this is one of the prime reasons most people choose laptops.

2. No Need For Additional Accessories

This is one of the best advantages of a Laptop. It comes with an inbuilt keyboard, touchpad, and speakers, unlike a PC. So it is not necessary to buy a keyboard or mouse unless you want it. At present companies are manufacturing laptops in funky keyboards and touchpads. In the past, laptop keyboards and touchpads had a similar style but now companies are giving those a different look. For example, take HP-Gaming Pavilion. It comes in a cool backlit keyboard that gives the laptop a vibrant look. And there are many laptops equipped with stylish touchpads too.

3. Low Power Consumption

Using a laptop can trim down your electricity bill. Laptops sport small components and as a result, it consumes only less power when compared to a desktop PC. Moreover, as a Laptop boasts a rechargeable battery, power will be consumed only while charging and not otherwise as it does not require to be plugged to work. So, if an office consisting of 100 employees uses only laptops then it can bring a massive difference in power consumption.

4. Comfortable Dimension

Laptops design lends a big hand in the comfortability. As it is small and slim it can be carried around like a book. Laptops can also fit into bags. By small and slim, it could also hint that it needs very less space to be used. We can even keep it on our laps to use. So the handy dimension makes a laptop quite different from a PC.

5. Ergonomic Keyboard

The keys in a laptop have scissor-style spring beneath it meaning typing would be not only convenient but also faster. Unlike a PC laptop has a panel beneath the keyboard where the touchpad is placed. This panel can be used to lay our wrist making our typing spell more convenient. Getting used to typing in a laptop and switching to a PC after can give you a hard time getting used to as you will not get that easiness in typing which you get in a Laptop.

6. Easy For Internal Operation

The components of Laptops are mostly pop-in/pop-out components. If you want to remove your battery, just unclipping its clip would be necessary and you could remove it very easily. Even changing RAM or other components is comparatively easy. Once you unscrew the bottom panel you could easily remove the components by simply popping it out. In short, changing the spares is easy that it does not require help from a technician unless you are not confident to do it by yourself.

7. Gorgeous Than A PC

Isn't a laptop beautiful? Yes, it is. If you are not quite sure about it try checking how good-looking is laptops like HP OMEN 15-dc1000 Series, Lenovo Ideapad 330, Apple Macbook Air, Acer Spin 1, etc are. Laptops come in different finishes like matt, glossy, etc and regardless of those it always looks classy and stylish. This is something PC cannot match.

8. Easily Accessible Ports

Laptops boast multiple ports just like a PC but it is easily reachable. The ports are placed conveniently on the side panel meaning you need not bend down to access it. Whether it be connecting an HDMI cable or a USB drive, your hands could easily reach the ports.

9. Handy For Students

Laptops are widely used by students just like a notebook. Internet is a hub of materials needed for any syllabus and laptops can make things for students to download such materials and files. Laptops can be also carried to the institution and with the help of software like word, students could take down notes by typing instead of writing in a book. Even for preparing presentations laptops lends a big hand.


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