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Types of Smart TV: Find in Depth

Types of Smart TV

Gone are those days when television was just a large box that provided entertainment with few channels and grainy images. They have undergone a massive upgrade from the large box to high-definition flat screens with several features in the last few decades. With the emergence of smart appliances, smart televisions have also made their place not merely in the market but have also captured many hearts. Besides, the types of smart TVs and their features are terrific. In this article, we'll go over some of the best smart TVs available today so that you can decide if one is suitable for your home entertainment needs!

Smart TV is a new technology that has been introduced recently. It is a set of hardware and software that enables you to access the internet on your TV. You can also use this feature for streaming platforms( like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, etc.), playing music, watching videos, etc. Some smart TVs have built-in web browsers for browsing the internet or watching videos on YouTube. There are different types of smart tv depending upon:

  • Display technology
  • Screen resolutions
  • Screen sizes
  • Built-in OS

Types of Smart TVs According to Display Technology

Three main types based on display technology are LED, OLED and QLED.


LED TV is the most common type because it's cheaper to manufacture than other technologies like QLED or OLED TVs. It uses a backlight that emits light from behind the screen to generate a high-quality viewer experience. The thin and sleek models are ideal for watching it during the day. iffalcon smart tv models by TCL, realme smart tv models, Onix smart tv models, LG, Samsung, etc. are the best LED smart TVs. 


OLED TVs are the best smart tv in the market. OLED TVs have excellent picture quality and contrast ratio with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The color accuracy is also fantastic because it's designed to produce perfect whites, yellows, reds, and blues by using organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). These are relatively the most expensive televisions.

The best thing about OLED TVs is that they don't require any backlight, so they can be thinner than LED or LCDs which saves space on your wall or cabinet and makes them look more stylish when placed against other flat screen devices such as computer monitors, etc. Sony and LG offer the best OLED TVs.


QLED TVs use quantum dots and light-emitting diodes to produce rich, vibrant colored lights on televisions. These are better in performance compared to LED TVs and can be subpar compared to OLED. One of the best QLEDs available in India is the Samsung Smart TV model. These are available at medium prices.

Types of Smart TVs According to Screen Resolution

Resolution means the number of pixels required to make the screen sharper and livelier. The different resolutions available now are 1080p(Full HD), 4k(2160p Ultra HD), and 8k(4320p Ultra HD), of which 4k is the most popular, and 1080p is only used in smaller-sized televisions. 8k is becoming popular slowly as it is fairly expensive. For a better screen experience, go for a higher resolution.

Types of Smart TVs According to Screen Sizes

Smart TVs can be found in various sizes ranging from 24" to larger than 65". The most important factor when choosing a smart TV is its screen size, which will determine how big you can make the image on your screen and how many apps or content you can use at once. While choosing screen size, you should consider the space where you will place your television and your budget. 

Types of Smart TVs According to the Built-in Operating System

The most common types depending upon OS are Android, WebOS, Tizen, and Fire OS.

Features of Smart TV

Smart TV features are the key to making your smart TV powerful.

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet – This lets you directly connect your smart device or smartphone to the television and stream internet content wirelessly. The better the connection quality, the less likely you will get laggy connections when streaming high-definition videos or playing games on your smartphone/tablet device.
  • Bluetooth - Allows devices such as headphones and speakers to connect with your tv wirelessly over short distances.
  • Connection Port - A variety of connection ports such as HDMI(2.0 and 2.1) and USB enable devices to connect to your television.

A smart TV is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the way people watch TV. It offers a wide range of features that you can use to enhance your viewing experience and replace old methods of watching television with newer ones. While buying a tv, remember to check innovative tv specifications and if it serves your necessities. If you are out to buy TV online, check the myG website to have a plethora of choices in intelligent TVs and to compare smart TV prices in India.