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Types of Washing Machines: Everything you Need to Know

As technology evolution takes new heights every day and intelligent home appliances are the new norm, washing machines are a staple in many households. Washing machines are no longer a luxury symbol but an inevitable part of every home. They have come a long way from their initial inception, and their function has become more diverse over the years. There are many different types of washing machines on the market, so it can be hard to determine which is best for you and your needs. This article will help you learn about the various washing machine types and what each type does.

Types of Washing Machines: A Quick Guide

With the variety and choices available in washing machine types and prices today, there is no doubt that one could go bonkers trying to buy the perfect one. To determine which washing machine is better for you, you need to understand the various options available and check if it matches your requirements, budget, and space.

By looking at different types of washing machines that could be handy in our day-to-day life, we could find that depending on their functions, washing machines can be classified into two, mainly: Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic. Semi-automatic machines are the ones that require manual supervision. In contrast, in use, whereas fully-automatic machines don't need any control once you have initiated the washing process until it is entirely over. 

To get a fair idea about semi-automatic and fully-automated machines, learn about the types of washing machines by scrolling down.

Top Loading Washing Machines

The first type of washing machine is the most popular, the top-loader, due to its low cost and ease of use. The top-loaders are generally cheaper, but they tend to use more water and electricity to wash clothes. They require more water because they have a larger drum in which clothes can be loaded and need more water to get clean. As it works on a vertical axis, the drum rotates around in circles, washes clothes by filling them with water, detergent, and clothes, then turns them around in the drum before draining out the dirty water and spinning them again with clean water. 

The main two variants of top-loaders are:

Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

A semi-automatic top-loading washing machine comprises two tubs for washing and drying. After washing, you will have to drain and manually fill water for rinsing the clothes. Furthermore, if you want to dry the clothes after washing, you must transfer the clothes manually for drying.

Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

In a fully automatic top-loading washing machine, all you have to do is select the required functions, place the clothes in the washing tub, and close the lid. After the setting of the processes is done, the machine works automatically and completes the whole cycle from washing to drying. Then, you can select any options available from the primary wash, wash and dry, or any other functions per your requirement in the machine.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Front loading washing machines are the most efficient washing machines as it requires less amount of water for washing when compared to top loading machines. Front-loaders use a horizontal axis and have an agitator that moves back and forth to loosen up dirt and grime. In addition to using less water, it also consumes less electricity but costs a lot more money as they have much better technology that helps them clean clothes faster and better. These are usually fully automated machines.

Should I Buy a Washing Machine Online?

As you now know the types of washing machines, are you wondering which is the best washing machine to buy and whether to buy it online or offline? The best machine may vary from person to person depending upon their requirements, the space available to fix, and your budget. All you need to ensure is whether it is of good quality, brand, maintenance required, and washing machine load capacity. Buying a washing machine online is now a more efficient and straightforward process. You could consider numerous washing machine brands, compare different models and prices and buy the one that fits your needs perfectly in the comfort of your home.  Also, check: Buy Washing machine online