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Mobile Chargers & Cables

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MRP 7,500.00 7,200.00
TypeBattery Charger
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MRP 699.00 200.00
TypeLightning Cable
In stock
MRP 299.00 100.00
TypeMicro USB Cable Cable Length1m
In stock
MRP 499.00 200.00
TypeLightning Cable
In stock
MRP 1,499.00 799.00
TypeUSB Type
In stock
MRP 499.00 400.00
TypeUSB Type
In stock
MRP 3,990.00 3,700.00
TypeWireless Charging Stand
In stock
MRP 2,499.00 1,999.00
Cable Length2 M
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MRP 849.00 759.00
TypeUSB Type C Cable
In stock
MRP 1,299.00 1,149.00
In stock
MRP 649.00 550.00
TypeUSB Type C Cable Cable Length1 M

Buy Phone Charger Online at Affordable Price

The majority of electronic devices such as smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, and so forth run on batteries. Since we use these electronics so often, we usually run out of battery very quickly. The best mobile charger to buy is one that is reliable. There are a variety of phone charger types on the market including car chargers, iPhone chargers, and wireless chargers. If you want to buy mobile charger online, don't ignore the tech specs just because it looks premium.

Always Keep your Phone Charged on the Go

Online shopping can help you find the best, most ergonomic phone chargers that help you stay hassle-free even while on the go. There are a variety of free-standing and wall-mounted phone charger types for most popular devices. By offering a user-friendly design, these allow you to use your favourite devices, including smartphones, tablets, and music players, without having to worry about running out of batteries. There is a wide selection of advanced mobile chargers available on myG, ranging depending on factors such as the design, the type, the mechanism, the features, and many more. There are chargers available in sizes and shapes for you to choose from. You may also want to consider the utilitarian iPhone chargers that have a long operating life and work with all models from Apple.

Mobile Chargers for your Convenience

No matter what type of mobile charger you need on myG, from car chargers to wireless chargers, travel adapters to charging pads, we have plenty of choices. In addition to a variety of sizes and designs, these models are available in a number of different colors and styles.

Classic models in the usual colors such as black, white, and grey are available as well as several unique models with creative designs and vibrant colors. Moreover, we offer the most recent mobile battery chargers online at budget-friendly prices, making your shopping experience even more enjoyable. When you shop with us, you may also like to consider our convenient kits which contain a variety of accessories that will be of great use to you every day.

Check out myG's Best iPhone and Android Chargers

Technology has enabled wireless innovation in mobile charging as well. Check out the best wireless mobile chargers for iPhones and Android, such as the POR-1238, Portronics Adapto 20, Apple 30 Watts Charger, SanDisk Ixpand, Ultraprolink Boost 17 etc. Only at myG can you find the best deals on iPhone wireless chargers. You can also make use of our fast-charging adapter. You can purchase the best fast charging adapter and cable online at the best price. Find the fastest charger for mobile at the best price. Choose from our selection of portable chargers as well. When power isn't available and you need a good battery backup, these chargers are perfect.

At myG find the best mobile accessories like charging cables, adaptors, power banks and more. You can buy chargers online at impressive quality and affordable prices. Buy phone chargers online now from myG!

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