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All About TV Sizes Available

All About TV Sizes Available

It is not easy to choose a television. Within the same price range, a variety of brands are available, each with their own unique features.

Different sizes of TVs are available, but some of these tv sizes available are more common than others. There are many TV sizes available to choose from when shopping. From moderately sized to extremely large TV screens are available. According to your budget, the size of your TV will depend on your room, and your preference. Be it the tv viewing distance formula or finding the right tv size for your bedroom, this guide with the tv size for room calculator will help you find the best one among the multitude of tv sizes available in the market. 

Before you can understand how TV screens are measured, you need to know how they are measured. The diagonal length of a TV is the advertised screen size. Therefore, a 32-inch TV has a width of 27.9 inches and height of 15.7 inches, resulting in a total screen area of 439.6 square inches.

Most Common TV Sizes Available in the Market

There are many TV sizes, from small to medium and even extremely large ones available nowadays. If you are looking to find the best tv in India and the best suited tv size for your room. 

Listed below are the most common TV sizes available today. 

24 Inches

Televisions as small as 24 inches are among the smallest on the market. Small TV sizes are extremely affordable, which is one of their main advantages. An inexpensive LED TV of less than 24 inches can typically be had for less than $150.

28 Inches

After a 24 inch TV screen, what's next is a 28 inch screen. If you want to use a TV as the main TV in your living room, stick with a 28-inch screen. You can see it better from a distance and the picture quality is also better. Also, check: Smart TV vs Android TV

32 inches

For a small living room, a 32-inch TV is a good size. A 32-inch TV can be viewed from a few feet away, even though many people prefer bigger TVs. If you plan to watch TV close to the sofa, it's the perfect choice for a studio apartment or a dorm room.

42 Inches

42-inch TV screens are popular between 32 and 43 inches. There may not be enough room for a 42 inch TV in many living rooms, however. You can easily see every detail on a 42 inch TV while sitting a comfortable distance from it.

48 Inches

The size of a TV screen most often selected is 48 inches. If you're shopping for a 48 inch television, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are many high-quality LED TVs and even Smart TVs available in the 48-inch size.

55 Inches

Many households used to buy 55-inch televisions because of their size that can fit inside common living rooms and bedrooms in most single family homes and apartments with open floor plans. A brand or manufacturer who enjoys such popularity would likely have a few product lines of this size. The sizes of these TVs include models from LG, Sony TV, Samsung, TLC, etc., that have UHD LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED.

65 Inches

Televisions that are 65 inches wide are becoming increasingly popular. The price of 65 inches TVs has significantly decreased due to an oversupply of TVs during the tariff war. Considering the superior viewing experience of 65-inch TVs, 65-inch TVs became more affordable for the general public.

70-80 Inches

TV manufacturers make lots of TVs that are off-size from 70 inches on. You'd find more types and brands of TV in either 70-inch or 75-inch sizes, with the latter popular due to the price difference compared to the 65-inch size. When it comes to OLED TVs, however, the only option in this size range is the 77-inch TV. Also, check: Buy TV Online

80+ TVs are not suitable for small living rooms due to the sizes, features, and their prices, as the viewing distance at 4k resolution must be at least 7.1 feet. They are more suited to large walls and displays with a larger budget.