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2021 Laptop Buyers Guide

Laptop Buyers Guide

With work from home being the new normal as the effects of coronavirus pandemic, laptops have become an essential commodity. As the market expands, options and varieties of laptop are many and selecting the best laptop that matches your requirement and expectations is difficult. But not anymore!

We have curated a complete laptop buyers guide which includes all the key features of a good laptop. If you are a student and are looking for a budget friendly option, we have listed out the most useful features of laptops for students available at different prices rates. Follow this guide for a detailed laptop buyers guide, 2021. 

Laptop Buyers Guide  

First things first done! Keep a note of these things listed below before you purchase a laptop. 

  • Keep your budget limit set. 
  • Have an understanding of the brand that you would want to go for. 
  • Since laptops are a long term investment, always opt for renowned brands that are trustable and provide good service. Service adds as one of the most important filters while buying a laptop.  

Make sure to read customer reviews before, if you are opting to buy a laptop from online. Ensure that you invest in your laptop from reputable online stores such as myG Digital. 

If you are opting to buy laptop online or from stores, check out our stores, myG Digital near you. We display a wide variety of options in laptops from different brands. Find the perfect laptop that you desire at the best prices from myG Digital

Laptop Buyers Guide: What are the Specifications of a Good Laptop? 

Every buyer must be aware of the different features and configurations of the laptop to choose the best in accordance to their requirements and specifications. Let’s take a look at the best features of a good laptop. 

Processor: Your laptop processor is the most important feature that indicates the performance level of a computer. A good processor ensures smooth and fast performance of the laptop. It allows the user to use large programs such as photo editing, graphic design software without having to worry about the laptop getting hanged. So be wise while choosing your laptop processor depending on your usage.

RAM: Next to processors are the RAM (Random access memory). RAM decides the number of programs you can run in your laptop at a time. We suggest you to always choose laptops that are above 4GB RAM. If you will be requiring heavy programs or are looking for laptops for gaming, go for RAM sizes above 16 GB for better experiences. 

Hard Drive: Hardrives enable you to store all your activities and files safely. There are two types of Hard Drives available in the market namely HDD and SSD. While HDD Hard Drives are more common and allows you to store more data, SSD Hard Drives are faster and are the best for gamers. 

Graphics Card: Graphic cards are important and are configured either integrated or dedicated. While integrated graphic cards are best for everyday use, dedicated graphics card allow you to process and run heavy programs without any trouble.

Screen Resolution: Screen resolution allows you to get the best clarity of your screen. They are an important feature that gives you the best viewing experiences. Today, there are laptops that provide high resolutions ranging from 1920 x 1080 and ultra HD screens laptops of 3840 x 2160 resolution, with 1366 x 768 screen resolution being the most common for laptops. 

Battery Life: If your work demands you to travel often, or if you are a travel writer, then choosing a laptop that provides the best battery run life is suggested, so that you can work from anywhere and anytime. myG Digital holds a range of affordable laptops that provide 8 hours plus battery life and is the best buy. Also, check here to buy laptop accesories online

Screen Size and Other Features: Laptops are available in various screen sizes. Depending on your use and portability preferences you can choose a size. But if you are an ardent movie buff, we recommend you to go for a 15 inch screen for a better and wider movie watching experience. Make sure your laptop has enough USB port and connectivity access for convenient use and file transfers. 

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