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Best of Budget Smartwatches in 2021

Best of Budget Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the new best thing in technology and innovation. Answering your call to checking your mails, a smartwatch is smart enough to take care of everything you can do with a smartphone, or maybe even more. Watches are a lot more than timepieces these days. And for fitness enthusiasts, smartwatches are a lot more than just a calorie tracker. In short, 

Smartwatches are worth every penny you spend on them, or are smartwatches worth it? Read further to know the answers. 

Whether you are looking for an Apple watch to suit your iPhone or an Android watch to be compatible with the smartphone you use, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Budget smartwatches promise better technical intelligence and performance but are these affordable smartwatches as good as the brands claim to be? Difficult to answer? Don’t worry. We have shortlisted some of the smartwatches that deliver the promises and reach the expected levels of best smartwatch 2021. 

Most Expensive Smartwatch in the World

Tag Heuer Connected Modular, by Tag Heuer, is the most expensive smartwatch in the world. Priced at 180,000 USD, this super luxurious smartphone is studded with diamonds and gold. However, in India, the most expensive smartwatch is crafted by Apple, the Apple Watch, priced at around 64,000 INR. However, there are smartwatches much more affordable and cheaper available in the Indian market. 

Following is the list of best budget smartwatches for Android. Check out these affordable smartwatches for men and women. 

Best Budget Smartwatches in India: Apple to Android 

If you didn’t know already, let’s get to the point. If you are using an iPhone, the smartwatch which suits you the best would be an Apple Watch. However, OS-based smartwatches and Tizen OS-based Galaxy Watches can work with iPhones as well, but not as well as an Apple Watch does. As the Apple Watch is tied deep into iOS, its compatibility with your Apple Watch would be a lot higher, that is all your stock apps in iPhone can be controlled directly from the Apple Watch.

Some of our picks as the best smartwatches from Apple are: 

Apple Watch Series 1 

With almost all the features you need in a smartwatch and sleek, elegant, and modern design makes this one of our top picks. Apple’s screen and processor are always the best in the industry, and Apple Watch Series 1 is no different with its OLED Retina display. It can track your heart rate, your workouts, your day-to-day activity like steps and sleep, and it can even remind you how much more workout is left for you in a day. GPS tracker and Waterproof embedded within makes this more convenient, for hiking and swimming alike. 

At prices as low as 20,500*, Apple Watch Series 1 is one of the best smartwatch choices you should buy. And its unisex design makes it an ideal option as a smartwatch for men and a smartwatch for women.

Apple Watch SE 

The modern design and bezel-less screen of Apple with SE make it one of the most loved models from the Apple Smartwatch Series. With the inky blacks and high-end display with all the best features of a smartwatch, Apple watch SE is one of the best budget smartwatches at just 36,900*.

Best budget smartwatches in Android are a rather confusing range to select from. With countless affordable smartwatches that claim to be the best smartwatch of 2021, and various new brands in the play, things can get quite confusing. Here are a few out of the lot from best budget smartwatches for android. 

Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch

Offered in 3 color variants and almost 40+ watch themes, Amzfit is the perfect fit as an Android smartwatch if you are looking for personalization. GTR’s extended battery life promises you amazing battery durability for upto 24 hours. From 24 hours heart rate calculation to calculating blood-oxygen saturation measurement, GTR outruns the other smartwatches that claim to be the best budget smartwatches at just 9,999*. 

boAt Storm Smartwatch Regular

The boAt Storm smartwatch is indeed the best budget buy smartwatch at just 2,499*. 24x7 Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep monitor, Guided Breathing & Menstruation Tracker makes it a great deal as a smartwatch for women as well as men. The water-resistant build of this model is an awesome feature for a smartwatch as low as 2,499. 

Choose from a wide range of budget-friendly smartwatches without compromising on the quality with myG. Are you ready to transform your fitness life?


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