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Work From Home Gadgets

The arrival of the pandemic and the lockdown in the wake of it has compelled companies to enable their employees to work from home. In fact, remotely working has become the new normal. However, the sudden switch from office to home can potentially make the productivity take a nosedive especially because of the lack of amenities at home, unlike an office space. This doesn't mean you have to build an office at your home. All you need are the essential resources which enable you to cope up with working from home. If you are someone who currently works from home and is finding hard to keep up the productivity you had while you worked from your office space, then you are short of essential gadgets. Through this blog, we'll be sharing some key resources needed to work from home prolifically. Obviously, you might be owning some of them but some, you might not be. This ultimately means that your productivity still has room for improvement. Now let's have a look at them.


A laptop is the most imperative gadget for remote work especially if you are an IT employee. A PC can also be used but as far as convenience is concerned, laptops have a better edge due to its portability. For instance, on the first day, you worked from your room initially but realised that the environment wasn't great to work properly. So, you decided to shift to another place within your home. When it's a laptop you are using, you can simply take it to another space and continue your works but what if you are using PC? Of course, it can be moved to another spot but the shifting will not be as convenient as shifting a laptop. Moreover, laptops can fit into most of the spaces, thanks to its size. Unlike PCs, suffice to say, laptop need not be always plugged in unless it's low on battery. Another upside of a laptop is that it only consumes less power. Ergo, when you work 7, 8 or more hours a day, it can create a huge difference when compared to Desktop computers. Laptops carry many more benefits like this. You can have a look at the laptops we offer at myG if you are planning to buy one. You could also refer our laptop buying guide if you are baffled on laptop selection.

Wifi Modem

Internet connection is another essential tool needed to work remotely. A smartphone with a data plan would suffice for some but it will get difficult when you are required to work on big files or data. Moreover, there can be video conferencing since face-to-face meetings aren't possible. Without a good network, it can get sluggish. This is why WiFi modems are significant for working from home productively. If you are a person who is accustomed to the high-speed internet at your office, then you'll be compelled to install a WiFi modem at your home. With a rugged WiFi modem coupled with a good connection, you can seamlessly work which will contribute to your prolificity. In short, WiFi modems are the best bet when it comes to working from home.

External Keyboard

Needless to say, laptops come with in-built keyboards. However, if your laptop is connected to a large monitor or a TV, then it would be better to have an external keyboard especially wireless. This enables you to sit a bit distant from the screen allowing your eyes to not be strained. Moreover, external keyboards can furnish you with a better typing experience as the space between the keys are better in most of them. Hence, you can type fast and smooth using them which ultimately adds to your productivity. Also, this gives more life to the in-built keyboard of your laptop as you don't use it much. Another vital point is that the in-built keyboards are likely to get heated, unlike the external keyboard, since the major components of the laptops are situated right under the keyboard.


Without any doubt, external mouses are more convenient to use than trackpads. Any gestures like clicking, dragging and scrolling can be much easier using a mouse. If it's a wireless mouse, then you can sit a tad afar from the screen just like we said about wireless keyboards. It's not just about the easiness but also the speed by which you can carry out things. These altogether contribute to your productivity on a high scale. The necessity of an external mouse can fluctuate according to your job too. A mouse is mandatory if you are a graphic designer or a web designer for that matter. The bottom line is, a mouse is an important accessory that can spice up work efficiency.

Headphones Or Speakers

Since you work away from your teammates you'll have to connect with them via calls or video calls often to discuss the work. To hear what they are saying clearly, it's better to have a quality headset, headphone or a good speaker so that you need not ask them to repeat what they are saying. Also, you can instantly connect the call with one click if your headset or speaker is already connected. This, in total, save a good chunk of your work time. Furthermore, a headphone or speakers help you especially if have the habit of listening to songs while working. Several studies have shown that hearing music while working can help an employee be efficient. So, it's something you should try out.

External Hard Drives Or Pendrives

Looking at the current scenario, it's unlikely, god forbid, that the pandemic situation will come to normalcy shortly. Ergo, you'll have to continue work from home for a longer period. This means your work files can pile up and potentially cram the storage space of your laptop. Therefore, having an External hard disk or a pen drive will be helpful for storing data and freeing up space in the laptop.

Wrapping Up

The gadgets and accessories we have mentioned above can truly help you work efficiently at your home. There are some other tools too that are not very much essential but can help you be more productive. For example, a big TV or a monitor to which you can connect your laptop with an HDMI cable. This gives you better work experience. Now, if you are using a mobile hotspot and a wireless headset for working, having an extra charger would be a good idea just in case if the battery of both drain at the same time. If you work in a specific room at your home, equipping the space with an air conditioner would be a good idea too. Multiple reports suggest that working in air-conditioned space can improve work efficiency. Also, air conditioners can be useful in general too especially to beat the heat in the summer. However, these are down to you. Ensure that you buy the products from a good store so that you get quality products. If you are interested, spare some minutes to have a look at the gadgets we offer at myG.


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