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MRP 6,750.00 2,392.00
TypeSSD Number of Ports1
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MRP 17,350.00 10,990.00
TypeHDD Capacity4 TB
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MRP 8,120.00 5,799.00
TypeHDD Capacity1 TB

Buy External Hard Disk Online on myG

Those who regularly use computers know how important it is to have a good external hard drive for storing ample data. Among the range of external hard disks offered by myG are models from Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, and more. Buy external hard disks from our range will let you enjoy unlimited storage space and make data transferring easier than ever.

Best External Hard Disk: Solutions for Storage Problems

Our computers are becoming more powerful and powerful, and it is also becoming increasingly necessary to store data. We have to turn to external hard drives in order to store vital data while maintaining zero glitches on our systems at the same time. On myG, we have external hard drives for any data storing or transferring needs. They are a delight to own, except for the speed of reading and writing and the security features. When you shop online, you can decide what size, look, compatibility, and other attributes to look for in an external hard drive. If you are looking for the best external hard disk with 1 TB of storage or more, you have a number of options to choose from.

Best External Hard Disk for Laptop and PCs

Hard disks for computers should have an affordable price and be practical. Portable hard disks are a great way to protect and store your important documents, and they offer a successful and portable way to carry your data. Since external hard disk priced reasonably, they make a better storage solution for everyone.

Pen drives and memory cards are a few of the storage solutions available on the market. Data up to 36 GB can be stored with these. You may need faster read and write speeds if you are in a profession that deals with handling large files. The best storage solutions here are HDDs and SSDs. You can find the most affordable portable SSDs and hard drives here. Prices differ according to the capacity of the hard disk. You can find online the best external hard disk 2TB, 4TB, & 6TB.

Unlimited Possibilities with External Hard disks

Would you like to know which brand is best for external hard disks? Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, etc. are some of myG's top brand hard disks. These brands are ergonomically designed, which is another reason to buy external hard drives from these brands. These hard drives are portable and compact. myG offers a wide selection of shades, patterns, and designs. Your digital world will be available wherever you go with these devices. You can choose from external hard disks that hold up to 2 TB of data or bigger. As an alternative, the 1 TB external hard disks are available for those who require a smaller hard drive. As an added bonus, we also offer our customers the latest models at affordable prices.

We have a wide selection of external hard drives that will be ideal for the transfer of your data. Browse our collection today!

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