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Smart Bands

Finding it difficult to track the kilometres you run? Then a smart band would be ideal for you. With a fitness band on your wrist, you can not only know the kilometres you run but also get a clear picture of many other data like the calories burnt, heartbeat and many more. At myG we offer different types of smart bands from top brands which are ideal for both men and women. Also, our products run on either Android or iOS and, they can surely be of great assistance for your fitness needs. Have a look at the products below and place an order for your favourite one.

Ideal ForUnisex MaterialRubber Battery Life6 Days
Ideal ForUnisex MaterialThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Battery Life20 Days

Smart Bands - Your Workout Companion

The constant evolution of technology has furnished us with many innovative products. One among them is Smart band, otherwise knows and fitness bands. These bands which come in slim and designs boasts tons of features especially the features that can assist us for fitness activities. Smart bands can be worn during our workout sessions and it shows much stuff like the distance we jogged, the duration of the workout, calories burnt, heart rate, steps taken, etc. This means that Smart bands are our perfect workout companion. Your search for a smart band will wind up at myG because we have some of the best Smart bands from renowned brands at the best prices. Browse through our offerings and place an order for the one you like!

Why Smart Bands?

  • * They are small and weightless but powerful
  • * They provide great battery backup
  • * They monitor the distance we jog
  • * They show the calories we burn
  • * They show our heart rate
  • * They can be synced with our smartphones and the workout data can be viewed in our phones
  • * They can furnish us with the sleep data
  • * They come with various applications like timer, music player, stopwatch, etc.

Get Smart Bands From Top Brands

We, at myG, has been active in the electronics retail industry since our inception and within these years, we were able to bond with many leading brands. Our large network of renowned brands is one of the prime reasons for our success heretofore. As in the brands of the Smart bands we offer, they are manufactured by familiar names like Samsung, Mi, Huawei, etc. This means that the quality will be the best you could get and the products come with the warranty the brand provides.

Shop For Smart Bands At The Best Prices

Ever since our establishment, we have been offering our products at the best prices because we don't want our beloved customer to refrain from purchasing just because of the hefty price tags. This is the same case with our Smart bands too. The fitness bands we offer are assigned fair prices and during festive seasons we even provide exciting offers. If you want to get updates on our offers, follow us in Social media. At myG, you also get multiple payment options such as Cash on delivery, debit card payment, UPI payments, Digital wallet payment and, even EMI mode.

Order Your Smart Band And Get It The Same Day

We provide express delivery at myG. This means that you no longer have to wait for days to receive your product. If you place an order now, then you'll get your product to your doorstep within 24 hours.

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