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Split AC vs Inverter AC: Find The Differences

Split AC vs Inverter AC

With the summer beginning to rage, the prospect of buying an AC is becoming increasingly important. And the most common confusion in today’s market is whether to choose a normal split AC or an inverter AC. So, today, we decided to do a split AC vs inverter AC discussion so that you can hurry up and find the best fit for your home or office.

Split AC vs Inverter AC- What are They?

Like everything else, it depends on what your needs and budget are. 

Split AC means the air conditioning system is made up of two separate units. The air-cooled condensing unit called the compressor unit is placed outside the air-conditioned area whereas the air-handling unit is inside the room where the AC is fixed. 

Split ACs are a huge upgrade from the traditional window ACs. They are more efficient cost-wise and performance-wise and work quietly.

When we talk about split AC, we usually refer to the regular split AC. The inverter AC is another type of split AC. So, when we are thinking of split AC vs inverter AC, the question is whether you should get a regular split AC or an inverter split AC. 

The major difference in split AC vs Inverter AC is their working which is based on their speed compressors. 

Split AC Working

A normal split AC works on a fixed speed compressor. This restarts many times depending on the desired temperature. The drawback of this type of AC is that it could give rise to noise, extreme cooling and short longevity of the AC.

Inverter AC Working

An inverter AC runs on a variable speed compressor. This allows the machine to adjust its speed to a lower degree when it hits the optimal temperature. When the temperature of the environment increases, it starts working faster.

Power Consumption

Another major difference when it comes to split AC vs inverter AC is the power consumption. This is, again, attributed to the compressor type used in them. 

The inverter AC compressor being a variable speed one, is designed to adapt to the right speed necessary to reach the desired temperature. Whereas the split AC compressors can undergo extreme variations in speed, leading to higher power consumption. Consequently, inverter ACs are more energy-savvy and efficient at lower power consumption.

This quality of inverter ACs also makes it a better choice if you are looking for an AC to use on a regular basis for longer hours. The lesser power consumption means lesser electricity cost and more efficiency in the working ensures lesser maintenance. Also, Read: Tips on how to reduce AC bill

Split AC vs Inverter AC - Price Comparison

If you want to compare a split AC vs inverter AC cost-wise, a split AC is easily more affordable and it is a better option for someone who uses it rarely. So if you are planning to buy an AC to survive the summer months but will not be using it for the rest of the year, a split AC is a fair choice price-wise.

But although the split AC price might save you a few bucks over the inverter AC, there are other parameters to consider. The inverter AC’s low maintenance and repair frequencies, lesser power consumption and higher efficiency will reflect their advantages in the electricity bill and maintenance costs. 

Split AC vs Inverter AC - Which is Better?

The final choice between a regular split AC and an inverter AC boils down to a few factors. 

Do you have a low budget right now, but do not mind expenses in the future? Split AC might be your best fit.

Do you need the AC for round-the-clock use or will you be using it sparingly, like a few hours in a day? Around-the-clock requirement calls for an inverter AC since it is more efficient, energy-savvy and smooth-functioning. But to satiate a rare requirement, the split AC can do fine.

Are you conscious of energy consumption and concerned about maintenance? Inverter AC sounds like your thing. 

So, in short, trust your needs, budget and future prospects when you invest in an AC and know the differences of a split AC vs inverter AC before you go to the store or buy AC online

What do you think is the best type of AC for your home or workplace? Are you familiar with the latest models in the market yet? Let us know about your preferences for more options and guidance with various volumes, brands and other technicalities. 


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I m having the Digital Inverter Ac of Samsung Brand but since last summer it is giving problem. there are three lights when it on the top one lights is running. but now the below two lights start blinking and ac stop the working.

Kindly suggest what will be done for...
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Very useful article to choose between split and inverter AC.
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I would like to notice that "Split AC vs Inverter AC" is like comparing horse to a tree. You correctly described what is Split AC (2 separate units), you correctly described inverter AC (the way to variably control motor), but there are split and non split ACs and the can...
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Very useful article to choose between split and inverter AC.
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