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DSLR Camera Benefits

When it comes to photography, no camera can match a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. When you have a DSLR camera in your hands it is like having the world in your hands. Though all the digital cameras are decent, the qualities of a DSLR camera make it distinct from other cameras.

The dozens of settings featured in a DSLR can be controlled and used manually or we can let the camera do it automatically. The normal digital camera can cater to the needs of a casual snapshooter but for professional photography, a DSLR camera is apter. DSLR possesses a lot of qualities that cannot be found in other cameras. Let's see it.

1. Image Quality

The image quality of a DSLR camera is one of the reasons why professional photographers prefer it. DSLR cameras come in different price and image resolution but even the basic models can furnish the user with highly clarified and detailed photos. It does not matter whether the light condition is bright or dark, the images clicked using DSLR always maintain quality. If the camera is manufactured by top players like Canon, Nikon, etc it is much better because their cameras are always top-notch. You can check the website of myG to see the assortment of DSLR cameras.

2. Versatile Lens

A compact digital camera is handy enough to carry around and you can capture pretty decent photos with it. But, unlike DSLR camera it is not versatile. You cannot take multiple types of images without dropping the quality. This is another vital reason that makes DSLR camera distinct. In DSLR camera you get the provision to take any kind of images like close-up shots, long shots, etc and you can get it in the best quality. The lenses of it can also adjust automatically to the situations. Some manufacturers offer extra lenses by which you can do a lot more. Professional photographers normally use a different variety of lenses to make their photos even better. Some manufacturers offer lens with the camera itself. What the lenses of a DSLR camera are capable of doing cannot be done with the lenses of other cameras.

3. Accessories

DSLR Camera is flexible as it can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories from external flashes and lens to triggering devices and wireless transmitters. Some of the accessories have further kinds. For instance, take lenses. As said earlier there are different kinds of lenses for taking different shots. If you want to capture photos of something far away, then you can go for a telephoto lens which is usually used by sports and wildlife photographers. Likewise, wide-angle lenses can help you capture landscapes in a better way and prime lenses can be used for low-light photography. Equipping a flash with a tilting head can help you capture indoor photos shadow-free. For steady photos, a tripod can be used. Like this, there are numerous accessories that can help improve the photos.

4. TTL Viewing

TTL viewing refers to Through-the-lens viewing. TTL viewing shows the same view that of the lens that takes the picture. Which literally means, what you view is what you capture. TTL viewing lets you view the scene more real than in the LCD viewfinder. If you are not an enthusiast of the optical viewfinder there is an option in DSLR camera to change it to the digital viewfinder. The combination of Live view and digital view makes DSLR camera a special one.

5. Dust Removal System

Dust can sneak inside the camera body when we change the lenses. This dust can stay on the image sensor thus it can be damaged over time. As the interior gets exposed while changing the lens and the image sensor is fixed, the DSLR camera becomes vulnerable. Thanks to the technology, the dust in DSLR cameras can be tackled. The first company to implement a dust removal system was Olympus. They introduced a Super Sonic Wave filter that helps to shake off specks of dust. This technology was later adopted by various companies and it was developed. Presently, there is a well-developed technology in DSLR camera which does not just shake off the dust, it tackles it. There is also software that can spot the dust in the images and eliminate dust automatically

6. Quick To Focus

The focusing on DSLR camera is not only fast but also accurate. It precisely focuses on the subject. DSLR camera provides both automatic focusing and manual focusing as well which can be done with the help of the camera rings. The quick focusing lends a big hand in giving a steady shot of dynamic pictures like sports events, wildlife, etc. You can put your camera in the auto-focus mode so that it does the job appropriately or if you prefer manual focusing you can utilize the camera rings so that you can decide on what to focus.

7. Speed

The speed and responsiveness of the DSLR camera is another feature why many admire it. You will not come across any stutter while you use a DSLR camera, unlike the camera in phones or other devices. Press the power button and it gets turned on outright. It is fast enough to let you navigate through the images and settings seamlessly. Adding to that, you can capture continuously without any lag even with the basic DSLR camera. Thanks to the fast processors, you can view the image without any delay post capturing.

8. Low Light Performance

The low light performance of a DSLR camera is worth mentioning. Though some compact digital cameras and smartphones can capture decent photos in dim light, it cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the low-light photos of the DSLR camera. The larger sensor installed in the DSLR camera is the main pillar in improving the low-light performance. To spice up the performance you can also equip the camera with suitable lenses. 50mm, 35mm, and 24mm lenses are some of the widely used lenses for low-light photography. The sharpness, the details and the brightness of a dim light photo get to a sufficient level automatically in the DSLR camera making it remarkable.

9. Diverse Settings

DSLR boasts multitudinous settings apart from the auto-mode. You can do a bevy of stuff with the settings. Normally a DSLR camera comes with a mode-dial that can be rotated to go to different modes. This mode-dial which is placed in the vicinity of the trigger button helps you to change different settings like the camera setup, shooting mode, autofocus mode, metering mode, lens aperture, shutter speed, ISO, image stabilization, etc. With all these settings you can do a lot more than just clicking images.

10. Low Battery Consumption

An extensive photography session can drain the battery of a smartphone or a compact digital camera. Varying from it, a DSLR camera can be used for long photography sessions as it consumes as less power as a wristwatch. The battery of a DSLR camera is distinct as it distributes power to only the needy components while usage, unlike other cameras.

In a nutshell, if you are passionate about photography it is better to go for a DSLR camera. Ensure you are buying the product of good manufactures like Canon, Nikon, etc. You can find some classy DSLR cameras and camera accessories at the best price at myG – the fastest growing online shopping in India.


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Canon pro and semipro DSLRs furnish important battery information. If I insert different batteries; it displays correct information of each one re how many shots it fired and what percentage of charge is remaining!

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