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When Smart TVs were first introduced into the market the price was high and many customers refrained to buy it. But presently, Smart TVs have become a common appliance regardless of its price. However, there are Smart TVs at affordable ranges too. Today there is a wide array of Smart TV in the market and it creates big confusion when it comes to choosing one out of dozens. Smart Tv market is vigorously competitive with Smart TVs from numerous manufacturers, with different screen types, at different prices, etc. One gets truly confused when buying a Smart TV. Through this article, we will be clearing your doubts and confusions. We will make it easy for you to choose a Smart TV.


The first thing you have to do when buying a Smart TV is to set up a budget. As mentioned earlier, Smart TVs come in different price ranges. You can even get a Smart TV at a minimum of Rs 10,000 and the maximum price can go above 3 lakhs. Once you have set your budget for the Smart TV then you can zero in on the other features and compare it with the price.


The Smart TV market is witnessing a tight competition in the present market as said earlier. There are brands like Sony, Samsung, TCL, Mi, LG, Impex, etc competing against each other. Every brand has its own qualities and goodwill. Sony, Samsung, TCL, and LG offers different products of different qualities. The price of it is directly proportional to the quality. Talking about Impex, you can find a wide range of budget Smart TVs. It is actually down to you when it comes to choosing a brand as all the products by the aforementioned brands have equal pros.

Screen Size

Screen size is one of the vital aspects of Smart TV. There was a time when we used to enjoy watching movies and shows in CRT televisions. After a while, when the companies desisted its production, TVs with a slim design and big screens stepped into the market. Since the invention of such TVs, we started to admire bigger screens. Yes, the experience is much better on big screens. Whether it be movies or playing games connecting your PlayStation, the viewing experience will be miles better in gigantic screens. However, some people may not like super big screens. Or sometimes a bigger Smart TV may not fit well in the room. In that case, a smaller one will be ideal. If there will be a large audience while you watch then a bigger one is better. By understanding the purpose set right screen size. From 24 inches to 65 inches and above, there is a wide assortment of Smart TVs in the market at the moment. Also, consider your budget when choosing a screen size. However, I will give you an outline. For viewing distance of 3 to 5 feet, you could go for a 32inch Smart TV, from 4 to 6 ft you could go for 40-inch smart TVs, from 5 to 6 ft you could consider 49-inch Smart TV, for 6 to 8 ft you may consider buying a 55-inch Smart TV and for any distance above it, you could go for 65-inch Smart TV or bigger. Also, consider the space you have as said earlier. You can keep in mind these suggestions and choose Smart TV wisely.

Display Type

The most vital aspect of Smart TV is obviously its screen. In the modern market, there is an ample of Smart TVs with various display panels like LCD, LEC, OLED, and QLED. However, LCD TVs are not much opted by the customer after the arrival of better panels like LED and OLED. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology took its initial step right after the demise of CRT displays. Since the likes of LED, OLED, QLED technology were introduced LCD technology became a little dull.

LED is the widely used display at present. It uses the same Liquid crystal display technology but adds light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting providing a brighter visual for users and makes the Smart TV much slimmer. LED Smart TVs consume less energy and that is why it is opted by the most.

Coming to QLED, it is a new technology that produces colored lights by using quantum dots which is a type of semiconductor. These displays outperform the LED screens by enhancing the brightness and colors on the TV. The visuals in QLED displays are more vibrant when compared to LED screens. However, QLED is a little expensive comparatively.

OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) is another technology widely used in various Smart TVs and just like QLED, the OLED Smart TVs also come high price ranges. OLED uses a mechanism that emits light when current is passed through them You need to have a better budget to buy OLED Smart TVs. Do not look further if you have the money, it will surely worth it.

If you have a limited budget then you can settle with LED screens. Or if you have a better budget you could go for the likes of OLED and QLED.

Display Resolution

Resolution is precisely the clarity or sharpness of a Smart TV display. It is normally measured in pixels. Then higher pixels the better clarity. Smart TVs nowadays come in different resolutions like 720p (HD) , Full-HD (1080p ), WUXGA, 2K (2048 x 1080), UHD or 4K (3,840x2,160 pixels), and 8K (7,680x4,320pixels ). Even HD displays are a treat for our eyes. You will get an immersive experience. The resolutions beyond that can give you an unreal viewing experience.

If you are intending to buy an HD Smart TV there are various models like Onix 32 inch LED TV, Mi LED Tv 4C PRO 32inch HD Ready Android TV , etc. Now if you are planning to go for Full HD Smart TV then you can consider Mi TV 4A Pro 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV or TCL 40 inch LED TV 40G300 . TCL 49 inch Android LED TV and TCL 43 inches Android Ultra HD Smart LED TV are some of the best 2K Smart TVs. Other Smart TVs in 4K and 8K resolution can furnish you with crystal clear clarity. However, the price will be a little high. If you have an adequate budget to buy a 4K Smart TV then you can add Sony Bravia 43inch Ultra HD LED TV KD-43X8000G and LG 43inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV to your shortlist. The aforementioned models are just some examples of the respective resolution. Although, there are many models from different brands. Try visiting myG website to find numerous Smart TVs of different resolutions from different brands at the best price.


HDR videos are vibrant comparatively. When a Smart TV is HDR supported it precisely means it can give a dynamic range of color, extensive color gamut and can give brighter and clarified visuals. Adding to that, HDR video has a better contrast level. HDR has two variations which are HDR 10+ and Dolby vision. The color depth of the former is 10bits and the same of the latter is 12-bits making it superior. LG, TCL, and Sony are some of the brands that back the Dolby vision format. However, there is no vast difference between the two formats, so you can proceed with any one of them. Let it be any format, your visuals will be indeed spiced up.

Refresh Rate

Denoted in Hertz(Hz), refresh rate determines how many times in one second a picture gets refreshed. 60Hz is the standard refresh rate. The more the better and seamless viewing experience. In 60Hz sometimes the pacy pictures can become a little and it was then the manufacturers upgraded the refresh rate to 120Hz. If you are a gamer 60Hz would be enough but if you are going for the better one you gaming spell will be more immersive and uninterrupted.


The majority of the modern console boxes, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes depends on HDMI ports. Connecting to ports like component ports will not give the best clarity for your visuals. So ensure that the Smart TV you buy has at least two HDMI ports. You could even find Smart TVs with more HDMI ports. Also ensure it has USB ports so that you can connect your smartphone, Chromecast, Pendrive, etc. Even if you are going for more ports it will be better as it may come handy in the future.

What makes Smart TV different from other TVs is its ability to connect to the internet. They even offer android applications, Netflix, etc. Anyways, you can keep the above-mentioned things in your mind when you go for a Smart TV. Understand the specifications and compare it with the price and make the move for your favorite one. There are wide varieties of genuine Smart TVs in myG online store. They have become a renowned online store for the best Smart TVs of top brands they offer. Order from myG and get your Smart TV delivered the same day.


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