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AI Features on Mobile

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its own way onto smartphones. Most of the smartphones that released have included AI-focused hardware and software. These AI packed phones have used AI in a cleaver way from imaging and photography to power efficiency, to security. The updates and developments on AI are still on the track and those who have not entered into the AI game are expected to soon come up with their smartphones including special functions. Some of the best AI integrated smartphone to choose include Apple, Samsung, Google, Nokia, Huawei, and LG.

Now, let's have a discussion on some of the AI-powered features in a smartphone that make you buy them.
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• AI-Powered Chipsets in Affordable Mobile Phones

Artificial Intelligence has already integrated into our everyday lives and UNISOC has found its own unique way to do so. UNISOC is a leading fabless semiconductor company committed to R&D of core chipsets in mobile communications and IoT. It aims to transform the mobile communication industry in the 5G era through technological innovation and innovation-driven revolution. The UNISOC now plans to release chipsets that support AI augmented reality and virtual reality. These chipsets have made it a reality to access all advanced features including facial recognition that we are using today. It holds a wide range of applications and multi-faceted, like securing the mobile phone and online transactions with facial recognition and a lot more.

• Voice Assistance

There is a lot of Voice Assistance available as each brand holds it's own such as Google Assistant by Alphabet, Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, and's Alexa. Digital assistance is rapidly becoming an integral part of our day to day lives. Most of the adult smartphone users are using this voice control to interact with the phone which is easy to perform the tasks. The major reason that most of the smartphone users stick onto voice assistance is that this allows them to interact with their device without using their hands and it saves time. These advanced technologies are the result of natural language understanding and conversational AI.

• Automated Photo Classification and Security

We all know about the image recognition and facial recognition features of smartphones. All these features are available via Artificial Intelligence that can do more amazing with the photos on your smartphone. One of the most important and common features noticed on these devices as well as on all social media is identifying each individual in a photo and automatically make a recommendation to tag them. This amazing functionality aids in searching for particular trips, people, pets, activities, etc and help to organize them into specific groups or categories. It also allows you to search from where the photo was actually taken.
The facial recognition feature underlines the word security that the system works to identify the user’s face for security. Using AI processing, the smartphone can identify a face with changes such as spectacles or beard over time.

• Automated Calendar Entries

Another feature of AI is designed in a way to streamline the process of scheduling events and appointments by sending emails and automatically adding them, or suggesting them directly to your phone’s calendar and fishing out all the information based on appointments, flights, or even restaurant reservations. These applications also have the capability to assist in coordinating a meeting by sending the suggested times to all of the participants.

• Location-Based App Suggestions

Today’s smartphones are very intelligent that based on the user’s physical location they will make helpful app suggestions that help you a lot. For example, those who are on a college campus may receive notifications to download that particular college app. The users who walk into a Starbucks store may be recommended to use the coffee shop’s application and those who shop may be directed to the retailer's application. For this to function, all you need is to enable your smartphone’s location.

• User Behavior

AI system is designed in such a way that as it is used over time it can learn and adapt a lot. The AI will easily learn your usage pattern and it starts to apply it automatically on a daily basis. You may be switching on Bluetooth at home, switching to silent when reaching office, or closing background apps every few hours, these all will be identified by the AI and will automate these daily processes for you over time.

• AI Helps in Saving Your Battery

Google makes use of machine learning that delivers all smartphone users a better battery experience. The Artificial Intelligence will look at how you use your smartphone and then figures out the apps that you will use in the next few hours and which you won’t, until later. This categorizes the running applications into groups using four App Standby buckets ranging from ‘active’ to ‘rare’. The applications will change the buckets overtime and the applications which are not active will have to face some restrictions.

• Smarter Display

Another feature that the AI delivers is the Adaptive Brightness. With this, you don’t need to adjust the screen brightness manually that the AI will do it automatically for you. It makes use of the machine learning to learn from your own adjustments and then tailors the screen brightness to the exact level that will suit you that will, in turn, save the battery as well.

Artificial Intelligence has quickly made its space on modern technology. There are many people who are still unaware that the functions they use on a smartphone are infused with AI. We can surely expect that these technologies will provide even greater utility in the years to come.


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