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We all know the condition in summer that we face which is really an uncomfortable experience due to excessive heat. But, the technology has gifted us a shield of protection to survive in the form of an AC. With the help of this awesome machine, you can have a cool summer. Choosing the right air conditioner needs proper understanding. If you are planning to buy a new Air conditioner, just go through this blog that will guide you to pick the best.

What is an AC?

AC is an electric machine that allows you to make adjustments to the temperature of your room. All you need is to set temperature (more or less) than the actual outside temperature. you'll get that precise degree of warmth.

Types of air conditioners

Depending upon where the compressor and blower are placed, the AC is divided into:

• Split AC
• Window AC
• Portable AC

Let's have a look into these in detail.

Split AC

As the name suggests, Split AC comes in two units where one of the units is mounted outside the home wall and the other one is mounted inside the home. The unit which is placed outside holds a compressor and a condenser and the one which is kept inside consists of a blower. The compressor is connected to the blower via a pipe through the wall. The compressor sucks the outside air, makes it cool and passes it to the outside blower. The blower then brings cold air into the room.

Compared with the other AC models, split AC is aesthetically more pleasing and is perfect to cool the bedroom and large halls.

Where to install?

As the split AC provides more installation feasibility, it can be installed anywhere in the home. All you need to consider is that the room in which you wish to install the split AC must possess an outside exposing wall.

Advantages of Split AC

• Perfect choice for the bedroom. Causes less noise
• It can be installed anywhere. No worries about the window frame in a room.
• Adds style. Look and feel good.

Window AC

Window AC comes only in a single unit which holds a combination of compressor and blower with it. As the name suggests, the window AC can only be installed in a window frame where the blower side of the AC facing inside and the other side facing outside the room. Suitable only for small rooms with a window slot. This is the best choice for those who shift houses frequently.

Advantages of Window AC

• Easy to install, shift, and relocate.
• Fits within the budget
• No need to refill the gas in the compressor while shifting

Portable AC

Just like an air cooler, portable AC can move from one room to another very easily. This is very new in India which suits most of the customers' needs. One of the main advantages of this AC is that you can take this from one room to another as you want.

Where to install?

The answer is anywhere at home. You just need to arrange an air hose through the window. A plastic hose that comes along with this AC needs to be attached to the AC and put it outside the window using a window kit that is provided with the AC. To know more about the installation, the guide book will guide you further.

Advantages of Portable AC

• Shifting and reallocation is easy
• No need for any technician to install
• Within 10 minutes you can shift the AC to another room.

AC Size and Capacity

It is very tricky to choose the right sized AC which really fits your room. An oversized AC makes the room cools faster but consumes a lot of electricity. In the case of small-sized AC, it works hard to cool the room. In this case, also the air conditioner consumes more electricity.

AC capacity purely depends on the size of the room. Before you plan to buy an AC, you need to calculate the size of the AC by measuring the square foot area of the room where you wish to place the AC.

Necessary AC tips at a glance

• Always choose the correct AC size that fits your room.
• Before planning to buy, conduct proper research on the brands and their prices. Choose the best brand within your budget.
• Wherever you buy your AC from, be it from a showroom or from any online site, you must check the machine thoroughly before you receive it. Try to make the purchase from a trusted store like myG where you can find all your favorite brands that fit your budget.
• If you are planning to buy a window AC, make sure that the room that you wish to install the AC holds a corresponding window size which seems to be convenient.
• If you would like to have a split air AC, you should consider the number of windows of your room. Remember, too much air ventilation may disturb the cooling rate.
• AC needs proper maintenance on time. Every company provides renew services, so contact the service team from time to time before it gets due for smooth functioning.
• Like most of the electrical products, AC should be protected from the dust and excessive heat that may cause harm.
• If you are looking for an AC that lasts long and fro private use, then it's best to opt for an inverter one. Even though it cost more, it lasts longer.
• For highly efficient and low energy consuming AC, it's important to check the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) label). Based on this label, the BEE provides stars to the ACs that ranges from 1 to 5 stars. With this, you will easily get the idea of which one is more convenient for you.

The above discussed are the necessary information on ACs. If you love to have a tension-free shopping, all you need to do is to visit your nearby myG showroom or browse myG online shopping site where you can avail exciting offers and same-day delivery anywhere in Kerala. So, hurry up and grab your AC from your favorite brand for the upcoming summer season. With the best products and services and serving customers for years, you can trust myG for all your shopping needs.


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