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Apple New Products

Apple has taken a giant step in contributing to the green earth by buying a batch of carbon-free Aluminum from the Alcoa-Rio joint venture (Elysis) - Two of the world's largest aluminum suppliers. Aluminum is a material widely used for manufacturing not only just soda cans but also numerous products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. The smelting process of Aluminum results in the emission of Carbon dioxide, ergo it can pollute the atmosphere. In the present era where the world is witnessing many natural calamities, the initiative taken by Apple to reduce the impact of climate change deserves praise. Apple will be soon using this to manufacture their products.

Holding 8.1% of Earth's crust, Aluminum has been widely used for over 130 years. Mining, casting, and smelting Aluminum emit a lot of carbon. In fact, 1% of annual global greenhouse gas emission is accounted for Aluminum alone. Apple has not yet revealed which products will be made by this carbon-free material and when it will be rolled out.

Why This Is A Good Move?

Earth is witnessing a serious climate change and over the past few years, there has been an umpteen number of natural disasters. The excess presence of carbon is the reason for climate change. There are even protests happening globally to lessen the production of carbon. Apple who has come forward to reduce the carbon footprints made by Aluminum deserves a big round of applause. The step taken by Apple by buying a batch of carbon-free Aluminum is huge.

This is said to be a positive move because the traditional way of producing Aluminum is carbon-intensive. It is made by refining bauxite ore to get aluminum oxide and smelting the oxide to set free pure aluminum. This smelting process passes an electric current through a large chunk of carbon known as anodes, hence creating carbon dioxide. But the new smelting process created by Elysis is a carbon-free method that substitutes the carbon anodes with a ceramic anode, thus releasing oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. When everyone is thinking about how to make earth carbon negative, Apple has taken a giant leap towards it.

An Inspiration To All

“Little drops make the mighty ocean”. The decision taken by Apple is exemplary. It not only contributes to tackling carbon-related issues but also tempts others to do so. Though the impact made by producing Aluminum in the latest way is positive, it may not straightway make a huge difference but it can pave way for it. The move by Apple is inspirational, it helps us lessen the impact of carbon and thus it tends others to follow them. If everybody starts holding hands for this cause it can lead to big differences.

It is uncertain when the Apple products made by carbon-free aluminum will be released. However, we can expect that it will be rolled out in the vicinity as the climate change is getting intensive each day. Once Apple rolls out these products, it will be available soon at myG – The emerging online shopping store in India.


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