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Smartphones have become a necessity at the moment. Though it was invented for communication purposes, we can do a bevy of stuff with smartphones from calling to watching movies and the demand for it is surging. In this modern era, we also have a wide choice of smartphone accessories that can make it easy to use a smartphone. Just like the rise in the demand for smartphones, the demand for accessories has also risen. In fact, nowadays, people proactively buy accessories when they buy smartphones as accessories lend a big hand in protecting the phone and also enhancing the aesthetics. Some companies even include back cases and headsets in the package. In short, most of the accessories have become essential for a smartphone owner. Our generation is blessed with a long-winded list of smartphone accessories. Let's have a look at them.

Mobile Cases

Almost cent percent of the mobile phone users adhere to the intention of equipping back cases since mobile phones can incur damages from falls. As mentioned earlier, some mobile phone manufacturers provide us with back cases as lagniappe. From this, we could comprehend the significance of equipping a back case. Though the primary aim of furnishing a mobile phone with a back case is protection, there are customized back cases that are equipped to enhance aesthetics. Hard plastic cases, Durable stocky cases, silicon cases, customized cases, and leather cases are some of the commonly seen mobile back cases. To make your phone look funky, customized cases will be ideal and for protection, nothing beats the stocky cases. Have a look at the mobile phone accessories offered at myG online stores to see various mobile phone accessories from renowned brands.

SD Cards

Imagine you are on the brink of getting a movie full downloaded and a message pops up on the screen saying 'Not enough memory'. Wouldn't it be extremely frustrating? Inserting a memory card into your phone can help you tackle the storage issues. Ensure your phone houses a hybrid slot or a dedicated slot for sd card. The camera quality and video quality are high today and as a result, the size of the image and video are also big meaning there should be ample space in a smartphone else the phone gets crammed with files and it may affect its performance. In short, Sd cards are must even if your phone has a large storage capacity because over time, the storage might get stuffed with files and at this stage, an Sd card will come handy.

Power Banks

Power banks are portable chargers that can charge mobile phones on the go. Depending on the capacity, it can charge 1 to 4 devices with one charge. Power banks could also come handy when there is no electricity and it also gives us the courage to use a mobile phone without getting apprehended about the battery. Just like other accessories, power banks are also an extensively used mobile phone accessory. Many renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Portronics, etc offer strong power banks at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a budget power bank then Portronics 4000mAh Slice II power bank or Gizmore 10000mAh 10KP2 power banks would be a good choice. If you could spend a little more money, then you have more options like Xiaomi 10000 mAh power bank, Sony 20000 mAh CP V20 power bank, Samsung 10000 mAh power bank, etc.


Headsets were a premium accessory once but not anymore. As said earlier, some mobile phone packages consist of headsets. There is a wide choice when it comes to headsets like wired models, wireless models, and earbuds. Imagine you want to call someone from your office and you use a headset. This will help you work and talk simultaneously. Headsets let us have a private spell of listening. Some people have the habit of listening to songs when they work but playing songs loudly in speakers may distract others. In these types of situations, headsets come handy. Also, it is good for health to an extent as it keeps the smartphone away from the head. JBL, Boat, Sony, etc are some of the popular brands that offer high-quality headsets and the development in technology has enabled companies to go the extra mile. We even have earbuds in the market at present like Nokia BH 705 earbuds, Apple Airpods, etc that are a tad expensive but worthy of it. If you are not a fan earbuds then you could go for wired headsets from JBL or Boat.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches are a great invention. Almost everything we get in a smartphone is available is a smartwatch and there is a serious surge in the demand for smartwatches at the moment. Not only the smartwatches are aesthetically good but also functionally adept that it will put us in the state of awe because this small gadget can offer us a bevy of things. Once we link our phone with smartwatches, we could accept and reject calls, control the music player, count the number of steps we take, check the calorie burnt, etc. MI Smart Band 4, Apple watch series 4, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, etc are some of the excellent choices in smartwatches.

Portable Speakers

Portable Speaker is another accessory that brought a revolution in this digital era. Wired speakers are used currently not as much as how people use portable bluetooth speakers. They are normally designed well letting the user hold it in one hand and some of the speakers are waterproof. Portable speakers are ideal for parties and get-togethers because no matter how small it is, the sound quality of portable speakers is unrivaled. These speakers can be charged with USB cables and can work for hours. Sony SRS XB41, JBL flip 4, etc are some of the top players in this category.

Mobile Holders

People who are vehement about long rides will prefer buying Mobile holders. These holders can be placed inside a car or on the bike handle so that we could keep the phone on it by turning in the GPS. This could also make it easy for one to accept calls, change the songs, etc while driving.


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