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Spam Protection in Smartphone

We receive dozens of text messages on our phones daily. Some maybe the messages from your service providers stating their latest offers, some may be from your banks regarding your latest deposit or withdrawal or it can be even the messages from online shopping websites. These messages can also be sent by Fraudulent companies disguising as genuine companies. Sometimes we receive messages containing clickbait links and there is a chance that these links can potentially identify your bank details and other private information by clicking on it. People who are not aware of this might fall into these kinds of traps. That is why Google has rolled out a new SMS verification and Spam Protection feature that helps your phone verify the authenticity of the message you receive.

SMS Verification and Spam Protection

Sometimes you get messages from your bank asking you to disclose your pin. We should know that no bank will ever ask your pin. These messages are sent by fake companies masqueraded as your banks. This is called Phishing. The main purpose of Google SMS verification is to tackle phishing. Messages are incumbent for a business to develop their relationship with their customers but when there are things like phishing, both business and customers are adversely affected. Google has rolled out SMS verification features in many countries including India. With this feature, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number Google will verify the number. If it is a genuine company, then the identity of the company and their badge or logo will be displayed in the message thread. Google has said that some companies like 1-800-Flowers, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, and SoFi have started messaging on this platform. It is also said that more companies are enrolling in verified SMS system.

Spam Protection

Spam Protection is already seen on some phones. The spam messages with malicious website links you receive will not be moved to trash, rather Google will give you a warning by showing a red exclamation mark along with an option for you to confirm it is a spam. With the user's confirmation, Google can block those messages in the future and can fine-tune and enhance the efficiency of the Spam detection system.

How This Works

The verified SMS system lets you understand the genuine identity of the sender to help you dodge phishing. This can be turned on in your messages setting. In between the time you receive the message and the verification there is a sequential process that leads to the verification. When a business messages you, the message is translated into an unreadable authenticity code by Google on your phone. This code is compared with the unreadable authenticity code sent by the business to Google. The information like the logo of the business and verified icon is displayed in your message thread if both the codes match. Thus the messages are verified.

How Your Messages Are Protected

Your messages are protected. The messages you receive are verified. If you are concerned about privacy, then do no worry. The messages you send or receive are completely safeguarded, so it will not be read by Google or any others. The message content is not revealed when Google verifies a message by the authenticity code- a cryptographic technique. The business uses a public key for the phone, a generated private key and the intended message content, to generate the unique unreadable code for everyone including you, the message and the business. When you receive a message, the messaging app cross-checks whether the business is enlisted in registered businesses. If they are, the public key for business is retrieved by the messaging app and it uses the public key and private key to create an authenticity code of message which is later sent to Google. The message is said to be genuine if Google finds the code of the message and code of the business matches. In precise, it is the codes that are cross-checked not the message content. Moreover, the code cannot be decoded by someone who reads they will require your key or business private key.

It is sad when technology gets misused for fraudulence. However, with the SMS Verification and Spam Protection by Google, we can defend ourselves from phishing. Make sure the data is turned on while verification otherwise the verification cannot be done. Also, see that the 'Verified SMS' is turned on in your messages settings. This feature is available in only new phones. If your handset does not have this feature, you can get a new phone, that possesses Google SMS Verification and Spam Protection, from myG. You can even exchange your phone for a new one at the best price through myG exchange.


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