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Phone Water Damage

If you accidentally drop your phone in water or by chance if any kind of water damage has occurred, then don't panic. If you act fast, you can save your smartphone from water damage. So, it is very important to know the primary measures you need to take immediately to survive. You can even pre-protect your phone from water damage and other sorts of damage with the GDOT Protection Plus (GDP PLUS) available in all myG stores as this helps the mobile phone users to safeguard all their valuable gadgets from any kind of liquid damage, physical damage, and even from theft. If interested, the users can even extend their GDOT warranty (GDEW) at an affordable rate. Now, let's discuss what all things to follow when you drop your smartphone in water.

Points to Minimize Water Damage:

• Take out the phone immediately from the water

The first thing to strike in your mind is to take out your phone from the water with no time. If you take more time to take it off, it results in severe damage. If the smartphone is kept unnoticed in water for a long time, then it will be very difficult to get rid of the damage.

• If the phone seems to be plugged in, disconnect it first

If it is noticed that your phone is plugged into a power source and found it dunk in water, then immediately turn off the power and then take it off from the water. Don't ever try to remove the phone from the water before disconnecting the charger as this may lead to a more dangerous situation. The safest way is to power off the supply directly from the fuse box.

• Power off/Switch off your phone immediately

Even if your phone is working fine, you need to power off the phone otherwise it may cause a short circuit. In another case, if you remove the phone from water and seems to be it's not working, then don't try to switch on the phone to see if its working fine or not.

• Remove your phone's cover and battery

After quick removal of the phone from water, remove the phone's battery and cover and place both of them on soft clothes or paper towels. In case if you are not aware of how to remove the battery from your phone, just go through the manual and make sure you are on the right track. Removing the battery from the phone is the most important step as that helps to save your phone. If it is sure that the phone is totally water damaged, then check the corner where the battery lies. There you will find a white colour square or circle. If that white colour turns out to be pink or red, then you can conclude that your phone is water damaged.

• Take out the SIM card from your phone

Remove the SIM card from the phone and wrap it in a dry towel, cloth or paper to dry. Almost all the contacts will be stored in the SIM. So, the SIM is very valuable and as worthy as saving your phone itself. Keep it safe.

• Remove all other accessories in your phone

Some of the accessories that may be in contact with your phone include protective back covers, memory cards, and earbuds. Make sure you remove them and dry properly.

The second thing you need to know is how to dry your phone properly. There are a lot of ways to make it dry. Come, let's have a look into it.

Keep the phone in a vessel/bowl filled with instant rice (uncooked) or with silica gel packets

Take four cups of rice in a bowl, put your phone and its battery into the bowl. The rice helps to remove all moisture content in your phone. Keep the phone in a bowl for 48 to 72 hours. Remember to change the phone's position every hour. Instead of instant rice, don't go for regular uncooked white or brown rice as it won't work well.

Crystal cat litter

Other than instant uncooked rice and silica gel packets, you can use crystal cat litter. Take some cat litter in a vessel/bowl and place your detached phone and it's battery by forming a top layer. Then cover it with another layer of crystal cat litter. You can find cat litter in all grocery and pet shops.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out water from your phone

Here, a hose attachment that comes along with the vacuum cleaner set will do. Set this attachment at its highest setting and clean all your phone's openings. As this is the fastest method, don't try to opt this first unless you found that the water content is really less.

Air compressor to blow off water

Before using an air compressor, change the settings to low psi. Now, you can start blowing the air through your phone's that removes water content. In case of higher psi setting, it may cause damage to your phone's inner components. Please avoid using a hair dryer as it may damage your phone.

Other than the above-mentioned tips, you can wipe your phone and battery with a soft towel. Only a gentle wipe is allowed. During wiping avoid shaking the phone as it may lead to the movement of water inside it. You can even keep the phone in open air or under the fan.


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