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Smart TV Applications

The constant evolution of technology has furnished us with numerous innovative electronic products. One of them is Smart TV. Televisions were once simply a stocky screen accompanied by a remote with which we can navigate the channels provided by the cable TV providers. However, things have changed now. Televisions are Smart now and there are Android TVs too, as you might already know, thanks to the advancement of technology. Smart TVs not only allow us to view the channels but also enable us to do lots of other stuff from live streaming to browsing social media. With numerous features bundled in them, it can get quite confusing on how to use them but it's important to know them and get the best out of the TV since we are spending our hard-earned money for it. In this blog, we'll be sharing some tips to make the most out from Smart TVs.

Let's dive in!

Stream Your Favourite Shows

Today we have a lot of streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which offers multitudinous video content and quite amazingly, such applications are present in modern Smart TVs. This means you can watch your favourite shows bigger and clearer. Leveraging streaming apps through Smart TV would be ideal especially during times like this where most of the movies are released through these kinds of apps. However, the content won't be free. You get access only if you have a subscription. If you already have a subscription then the best bet is to stream in a Smart TV as it offers much more immersive audio and video experience when compared to smartphones.

Play Music Online

Smart TVs are slimmer when compared to its predecessors and naturally, we tend to think that its speakers have become smaller and less powerful. The fact is that the speakers are as powerful as the TV itself. This means that Smart TV is an ideal option if you want to jazz up your lonely time by listening to some songs. To make things easier, there are applications like Spotify, Google Play Music, etc to stream music online. So, next time you want to hear songs, make use of such applications. We recommend connecting a soundbar or trolley speaker if you want a more immersive experience.

Use Fitness Apps

Smart TVs can be your companion if you are a fitness enthusiast. With numerous fitness applications and free fitness video content available in youtube, you could shift your workout sessions from your gym to your home. Also, bear in mind that the pandemic is continuing to spread and hence, the safe bet would be to work out from home and a Smart TV can help you guide you through the sessions.

Browse The Internet And Social Media

Bigger screen means bigger texts. Therefore, it'll be easier to read articles and stuff on a Smart TV. Thankfully, there are in-built browsers in today's Smart TVs, so if you ever wanted to browse websites, images, read news or article on the internet, why not do it on your Smart TV? You could even do internet banking with a Smart TV. Even if you want to have a look at the feed of your social media account, read or send messages to your friends, you could use the browsers of your Smart TV. To make this easier, you could download the social media application and sign in via those applications. This would be a vital idea to make the most of your Smart TV as scrolling through our Social networking accounts is more like a daily routine nowadays.

Watch News Online

If you are a regular newspaper reader, then you can stop buying newspaper because with a Smart TV you can catch up the updates live through application and website of news outlets. Therefore, you don't have to wait till morning to get the latest news. Let it be business news, sports news or world news you want to know, you get all these via Smart TV if it's connected to the internet.

Make Use Of Learning Apps

With the emergence of the pandemic, schools have closed and instead, classes are taking place digitally via Skype, Zoom, etc. Also, many youtube channels and applications are available through which students can access educational content. With all these available in a Smart TV, it would be ideal to make use of them. The bigger screens in Smart TVs would be helpful for the students to read the notes and understand the educational videos conveniently. While your children learn, your Smart TV gets utilized in the best manner.

Game, Game And, Game

If you are an avid gamer, then why not shift your gaming to a bigger screen? With countless in-built gaming applications and application in play store (in case of Android TV), Smart TV can turn into your gaming console. These games can be viewed in the games section of your TV. From there, you could download and open it just like any other applications. For mobile gamers, gaming in Smart TV would be a huge leap because of the immersive audio and video experience if offers. If you have Bluetooth-supported gaming controllers, then you could even play your games with those controllers.


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