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Smart Home Devices

A Smart Home is a home comprised of automated devices that can be accessed or used efficiently and conveniently with the help of a Remote. Almost everything in a smart home will have connectivity and one can control it using a Remote or by Voice if the devices have that feature. As everyone craves for a safe and secure environment, Smart Homes have attracted interests in India in recent years. The recent analysis on Indian Smart Home Market says that the Indian Smart Home market is expected to cross 9 Billion US$ within 2025. As these technology devices are operated remotely, this makes the life of disabled people convenient and monitoring elderly people easy. Smart homes are also said to be eco-friendly thus making it perfect in all aspects.

The improving growth of Urbanization is a major factor in driving the Smart Homes to the forefront since the lifestyle of the people is changing, Income is enhancing, Pollution is increasing, crime rates are hiking, as a result of Urbanization, thus boosting the Indian Smart Home Market.

Smart Homes in India

The residences in India are being transformed into Smart homes making the life of the residents much more convenient. Homes are getting equipped with appliances that can be remotely monitored and controlled through Smartphones or Tablets. Smart Homes are adopted widely in the modern era as it is very handy in securing the homes from theft, monitoring elderly people remotely, etc. The world is now witnessing massive climate change and a lot of countries including India have experienced numerous natural calamities. Smart Homes minimizes carbon production as less energy is consumed for cooling and heating, thus contributing positively towards climate change. Indian Smart Home market is said to have a meteoric rise in the upcoming years with the Homes deploying apparatuses like CCTV cameras, automatic calling bells, Automatic lights, Alarm systems, etc.

Since the invention of Smartphones, people have started using it widely to carry out different tasks other than calling and their technological horizon has become adequate. Even the people in rural areas have started gaining sufficient knowledge and they comprehend how Smart Home can benefit their daily life. Home automation was considered extravagant some years back but now it has become affordable for the common people. Home automation which was just a science fiction has become a reality.

Eco-friendliness of Smart Homes

Smart Home makes life simple and it also gives a hand to make the earth green by regulating energy consumption and it is one of the reasons why Smart Homes in India is now flourishing. Even if one is away from their home, they could still control the devices using Smartphones or tablets. The temperature, water, Lighting, etc can be regulated and thus lots of energy can be saved.

Controlled Temperature:- The smart thermostats efficiently aids in getting rid of carbon footprints in several ways. The thermostats can be paired with Smartphones and it can be adjusted from anywhere. Smart thermostats also can detect an opened door and it can turn off the air conditioner or heater accordingly. Even if someone departs for work forgetting to turn off thermostat he can do it from his smartphone. This way the wastage of energy can be controlled.

Intelligent Lighting System:- Electricity has the potential to leave carbon footprints if the usage is extensive and uncontrolled. Smart lighting can control electricity usage. The lighting that works with a sensor only works when it detects a presence in the room. On the other hand, the lightings without a sensor can be turned off through the smartphone from anywhere. Similarly to the smart thermostats, the smart lighting system also lends a big hand in energy regulation.

Smart Sprinkler System:- When a garden is watered manually, there is a good chance for the water to get wasted as we are unaware of how much water is needed for watering the garden. Equipping a Smart Sprinkler System can tackle this issue as it is smart enough to water the garden according to the weather and the soil. In the long run, gallons of water can be saved, ergo contributing to the green earth.

Pillar for Elderly and Disabled People

The notion of Smart Homes is to make the lives convenient and secure. According to some reports, 2.21% of India's total population are people with disabilities and a good percent of the population is occupied by people who are senile. It is also said that the population of people over 60 years is expected to reach 20% within 2050. Utmost care is imperative when it comes to elderly people or people with disabilities. Thanks to technology, the life of these people are made easy with the Smart Home Devices. With the emergence of Smart Homes, older people and disabled people need not depend on others for their needs. The Smart Phones, that are connected to the smart devices, at their fingertips helps them control it without actually maneuvering towards it. Despite having all these technological brilliance, all seniles might not know how to use it but with Smart Assistants like Alexa, they could just sit back and give commands to it. Moreover, the Smart Alarm system and security devices let them monitors different areas of the home and it even alerts them if there is a visitor.

The adoption of Smart Homes in India is growing due to the increased demand for security and convenience thus the Indian Smart Home market is growing vehemently. myG offers Smart Home Installation services, So head to the nearest myG Future outlet and get the job done if you would like to make your home smart. myG Online Store, the fastest growing online shopping store in India, has seen a rise in their Smart Home Market as well.


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