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mobile shopping trends

Smartphones are evolving every other day and mobile shopping trends have changed at a rapid pace. The year 2020 had a lot happening and not happening at the same time. But what has undeniably hiked was the demand for gadgets with more features and higher specifications. Not to mention the boom of online mobile shopping.

With a lot of options in smartphones coming out every month or sooner, it is essential that you be literate about gadgets and their features. You have to clearly know what you need and what feature or spec to look for in order to meet that requirement. It is also important to know the alternatives to certain features so that you do not need to compromise on your needs.

Here are some mobile shopping trends that you can be sure of being carried from 2020 to 2021. Research mobile buying guides online before you look for the best mobile phone offers.

1. Increasing refresh-rate in screens

Last year witnessed a trend of high refresh-rate screens in smartphones. Until OnePlus brought out a game-changing refresh-rate with its OnePlus 7 series in 2019, high refresh-rate screens were pretty much confined to some gaming phones. The popular brands have come up with 120 Hz display phones already. A high refresh rate improves the user experience to a whole new level with smoother and crisper image quality.

Considering the time you spend with your smartphone for various purposes from work to entertainment, it is only fair to invest in a smartphone having a high-refresh-rate display. Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Realme lead the 120Hz display pack. 

Models to eye for 120Hz refresh rate screens are:

  • S20 series, Note20 Ultra and Z Fold2 from Samsung Galaxy
  • Mi 10i and Mi 10T series
  • POCO X2 and X3
  • OnePlus 8T and 8 Pro
  • Realme X3 series
  • ASUS ROG Phone 3

2. Fast Charging

The high refresh-rate phones call for the power of a bulky battery which is quite inconvenient considering how sleekness is the most sought-after design feature, not just in mobile shopping trends but in almost all electronics and gadgets. The alternative you have is to choose a superfast charging smartphone. Many 2021 models from Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO etc support fast charging.

3. More Number of Rear Camera Lenses

Another trend getting more popular is the number of rear camera lenses. Quad rear camera phones have already been around for some time now. With the increasing number of rear lenses comes different types of sensors and with their possibilities, mobile phone photography is getting more professional by the day. 

4. High-Resolution Camera Phones

Equally trending are high-resolution camera phones with a norm of 108MP currently. This year, you can also expect smartphones with camera resolutions as high as 200MP. Samsung is said to be working on one of those already, hoping to make 200MP cameras the new norm for smartphones.

Smartphones with enhanced camera specifications is an obvious mobile shopping trend, especially among shutterbugs for convenience and among laymen who are not that into DSLR, yet want to capture quality photographs.

5. The Futuristic Foldable Screen

In 2019, Samsung launched its first foldable screen smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. Ever since, mobile shopping trends have included foldable screens as a feature. The best thing about it is how a bigger screen size can be compact and travel-friendly. Smartphone lovers are going to be quite keen on this model in future considering how much time is spent on a smartphone browsing, reading, gaming and even watching movies these days.

So are you looking for the best offers on mobile phones to invest in a better one this year? Do you want to know more about the best smartphones in the market right now?

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