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Refurbished Smartphone Price

Customers are of different types that their needs vary depending on a certain set of factors. As we see most of the customers prefer to buy a new piece of phone and there are still others who go for refurbished and used phones. So, what's the difference between a refurbished and a used one? Come, let's start from the base itself.

Refurbished Versus Used

Actually, most of us will be confused by the terms 'refurbished' and 'used'. both these words sometimes used interchangeably but they differ in their meanings and not the same.

Refurbished phones - Through professional reconditioning process by the qualified retailer or the manufacturer, the phones are checked for the spot out defects and other cosmetic damage then finally reset to a factory default status. such phones usually come with a limited warranty offer against the defects by focusing on to encourage the buyers confidence.

Used phone - A phone that is resold by the previous owner. the risk for buying a used phone is higher as it may hold any kind of damage internally that you cannot spot out and in some cases, the seller won't inform you about the past damage that was repaired once. The used phone won't offer any warranties that the refurbished phones give. Only the scratches and cosmetic damage will be visible to you and overall it's up to the buyer who chooses to trust such piece of items.

Now, if you are planning to buy a refurbished phone, here are a few checklists to keep in mind.

• Certified Phones

Always make sure that the phone that you are looking for is an actual refurbished certified one. If you buy a used phone from a non-certified party, the handset could probably just be cleaned and placed back in the box.Samsung refers to its refurbished phones with the term 'certified pre-owned'. This brand promises the restoration to its original condition and it also includes a detailed inspection of each and every features and function. In the case of Apple, the refurbished phones are restored with the same parts of the brand that are used in new handsets. You don't really have to buy refurbished phones directly from the respective brand, but you just have to make sure the phone is certified by a trusted party.

• Factory settings

It's very important to make sure that the phone that you choose has been cleared from the prior ownership. The phone should be restored to factory settings, that you can set the phone according to your own preference. If you find any previously stored information on the phone, then its clear that the phone is not properly refurbished.

• Warranty

The warranty part of a refurbished certified phone depends upon the product that you choose. If you try to purchase a refurbished phone which is a new one that still covers its warranty given by the brand, then you can trust its warranty part completely. So, a new phone with the warranty when comes under a certified refurbished list with less price offer, it is an added advantage for the customer to own the best within his budget.

• Quality & overall condition

Along with the phone, it's important to check the quality of the accessories. A branded phone will always be packed with branded accessories. So, if you plan to buy a refurbished phone, have a check whether the chargers, headphones, etc are a faulty one or not. Incorrect accessories may interrupt the efficient working of the phone that may lead to heavy damage. To make sure that the phone and its accessories are an original one, have a keen examination of these thoroughly.

• A valid invoice

A bill is a proof for what you have brought from a seller. While buying a refurbished phone, its a must get thing from the seller who supports a valid product sales. A valid purchase invoice or bill is a trusted part that helps the customer in returning the device or getting it repaired if found faulty.

• Know about the model history

History of a model plays a great role in purchasing a refurbished phone. Through a deep coverage and understanding of the model history, you will get a clear image of the product highlights and the issues related to it. Some of the models may face operating issues or other specific mechanical glitches. So, the research of the models will give an overall review and performance before you grab one.

• Affordability

Affordability is one of the main reason that most of the users opt for a refurbished phone. Compared with a brand new collection, a refurbished phone cost a lot less (15-30% compared to a brand new phone). This is an attractive deal for most of the customers who wish to own a model that looks untouched that performs as good as a brand new model.

Overall, with a little effort from your side, it is possible to find a good condition refurbished phone with the certification and dependable services within an affordable range. If it has a few months still left for manufacturing warranty, all the better. Also, keep in mind to purchase from a trusted store or seller. myG Smart Choice section on the online mobile store is an exclusive collection of attractive refurbished phones with warranty. So, When purchasing a refurbished certified phone from myG, the phones are certified by the myG service technicians. myG Smartchoice is the most trusted used phones platform for you due to the product quality and excellent customer service.


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