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No one would try to argue if someone suggests that Laptops are one of the greatest inventions as the emergence of Laptops has revolutionized the way we carry out digital tasks. They are beneficial for students, gamers, graphic designer and working professionals alike. Today, there is an umpteen number of laptops offered by many top brands like Apple, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP and many more. However, be it any laptop, they have an average lifespan and towards the edge of their lives, they start showing several signs. Some of the issues are repairable but if the repairs require you to splash money, then the best bet is to go for a new one. Wondering what those signs are? Find them below.

Sluggish Performance

One of the vital signals that show your laptop needs to be replaced is the slowing down of the performance. Sluggish performance refers to slow booting, taking a long time to launch the applications, stuttering while playing games, etc. This doesn't mean that you must change your laptop if you feel that the performance is lagging because there is a chance that it might be due to some other issues like hard disk getting crammed with files, malware, faulty RAM, etc. Hence, beforehand you start planning to purchase a new one, try repairing it from an expert. If the problem arises again after the repair, then know that your laptop needs to be replaced by a new one. We recommend buying a laptop with a higher configuration so that it'll stay relevant for some years and if you take care of it meticulously, then you can get it in good health for many years. Try reading our Laptop buying guide to get a clear picture of what you should look for when buying a laptop.

Excessive Heat

One of the annoying issues we face with laptops is overheating. This can happen due to multiple reasons like piling up of dust on the fan, hot atmosphere of the room, hardware failures, etc. Since laptops can heat up because of these reasons also, purchasing a new one shouldn't be a knee jerk reaction. Therefore, prior to going for a new laptop check with an expert if it's fixable. In case the technician tells otherwise (not fixable) or the problem recurs even after the repair, then consider the heating up as the sign to change your laptop. Keep in mind that heating up of laptop is malicious enough to lead to hardware failures which will compel you to splash a hefty chunk of money for repairs or buy a new laptop. So, if you are buying a new laptop as your old one is overheating frequently, ensure you do everything possible to prevent laptop from overheating.

Battery Draining Quickly

Every gadget including laptop declines in tandem with the usage. The story is the same when it comes to their components as well, especially the battery. Initially, we may get enough battery back up but eventually, the battery capacity reduces and we reach a situation, permanently, where we have to keep our laptop plugged in whenever we use it. The notion behind a laptop is that it can be carried around and it would be ironical to plug it every time we use. Moreover, the power consumption will rise, apparently.

Just like we said about sluggish performance and excessive heat, here also it may be a minor issue and hence, get the battery checked initially. Sometimes repairing or replacing the battery alone would do but if the issue remains even after that, then it's probably some internal flows which may demand you spend huge money. In such a scenario, opting for a new laptop would be the best bet.

Hardware Failure

As you are aware, a laptop is comprised of many hardware and among them, some of the hardware like processor, display screen, motherboard, etc are often a tad costly. Over time, this hardware could go faulty due to various reasons and most of the times, repairing would serve the purpose but if it becomes problematic, even after the repair, then refrain from repairing again because if you calculate all the money you spent for repairs or hardware replacement, you would realise that you have spent enough money equivalent to the price of a new laptop. Even the hardware is replaced, the chance of it lasting for a long time is very less unless it's genuine: the expensive one. The bottom line is that, if your laptop hardware ceases to work, check how much it would cost to replace or repair and if the same is too high, then the ideal option is to go for a new laptop.

Frequent Crashing & Error Messages

If crashes and error messages have become an everyday-thing for your laptop, then be vigilant. Of course, it might be because of certain software or background applications but if you stumble upon error messages very frequently, then it can be the repercussion of hardware failure - A sign that shows your laptop is on the edge of its life. However, before you get ready to buy a laptop, ensure whether it's software or hardware that's causing all the trouble. Also, carry out a cost-benefit analysis of repair and replacement and if the former outweighs the latter or the cost of the former is almost near the latter, then go ahead and purchase a new laptop

Power Button Doesn't Work

If the power button of your laptop is no longer responding, then, unfortunately, it's a sign that it's high time to change your laptop unless it's a minor issue with the button which is repairable. But firstly, try some methods by yourself like plugging your laptop try whether the power button is working. Also, make sure the charging pin and adapter are correctly connected. If the problem persists even after that, try plugging in a different socket. If the situation remains the same even then, then it's a sign that your laptop is on a major decline. Like we mentioned earlier, compare the price of a brand new laptop and the cost of repair and make the move accordingly.

Can't Run The New Version Of OS

Be it any OS, it gets updated after a certain period of time and it may demand the system to meet various requirement. It can either be a brand new version or an update which can be integrated into the existing OS. Meanwhile, the old version might cease to develop at some point of time and gradually, some of your applications may require the newest version to run. This is the moment when you'll be compelled to upgrade your OS and if your laptop can't run the latest version, then the best bet is to change your laptop since your laptop, being outdated, might not let you accomplish your digital tasks as you expect.

Your Laptop Is Outdated & There Are Tempting Discount Offers

This ain't a sign but rather a perfect moment to upgrade your laptop. Laptop technology is constantly evolving and each year new models are getting rolled out. Therefore, if you are past 4 or 5 years with your laptop, keep an eye on new laptop models. To spice up things, sometimes there will be exciting laptop offers that will prompt you to buy a new one. In case you find a better model than your current one, it would be ideal to change your laptop because aged laptops tend to decline faster and hence, clinging onto them is not a logical thing to do.

Wrapping Up

How long a laptop can last depends on how the owner maintains it. You can expect them to last 5 to 8 years. Towards the end of its life, the aforementioned signs might become obvious and if the problem is grave enough that it can't be fixed, then start searching for a new laptop would be the best idea. myG is one of the best stores in India, where you could find an array of laptops at the best prices. Make sure you buy your laptop from such stores so that you get genuine products that will last.


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