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Benefits of Smart TV

In this well equipped digital world with a variety of models from various brands, planning to shop a new TV is really challenging. With the emerging technologies, you may face complications in opting for a one as the new brands keep on comes with their popular model in recent years. Even most of the models from different brands show some match with the specifications and price range.

From smart features, design to the price range, each brand shows its own way of attracting the customers. So that brings up the question, how to pick the right one? More than just luxury, smart TV is now a necessity that we cannot ignore as the provides a lot more than just simply sitting and watching. Read further to know more about the smart TVs. Please note that the below list is in no particular order and we have just focused on some of the popular brands from rest of the best brands available in today's market.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is one of the famous brands in the TV industry that everyone knows. Samsung holds a huge collection of models that range from budget TVs to the premium 8K models. Whatever the model is, Samsung always keeps its picture quality at its heights which is really impressive and is one of the best features of a good smart TV. Samsung is always curious about carrying researches and it improves itself with the latest findings where Tizen OS, Samsung's smart platform are some of the best that are currently running in the market. In the year of 2019, Samsung introduced an Ultra Viewing Angle technology that performs well with an improved viewing angle with a lower contrast ratio. This is mainly packed in the highest-end models like 8k Samsung Q900R, Samsung Q80R, and Samsung Q90R. A recent update is the Ambient Mode which is capable to display artwork on the screen.

Even though the changes are usually small in the count, this is not the same case always. let's have a look into some of the inventions year by year.

In 2017, Samsung introduced QLED TVs, which deliver outstanding colour performance that impressed the users a lot. In 2018, They came up with the first 8k TV (model - Samsung Q900R), and also added some of the latest technologies such as low latency motion interpolation, an auto game mode in their high-end TV lineup, and FreeSync VRR. In the year 2019, Samsung offered the Ultra Viewing Angle technology to the TV industry that attracted the customers. With these updates, Samsung always wants to keep the customers happy and well satisfied.

Samsung holds a diverse collection of TV models that cover each individual's needs including their taste and wallet.

LG Smart TV

We all have heard about the well-known brand, LG which is famous for its OLED TVs in the market and they are the first TV manufacturers who introduced the OLED TVs for the first time. Most of the models that comes with OLED display offer similar picture quality due to the emissive technology that works with the individual pixels in switching off the pixels and producing perfect blacks. The outstanding picture quality even in the darkroom is acquired as a result of the infinite contrast ratio. LG also holds a large number of LCD TVs by using IPS panels as the main content. This is why because, the IPS panels offer wider viewing angles than the VA panels. The lower end LG TV models are less expensive but they are not capable to deliver high brightness except for their wide viewing angle feature.

Overall, the LG TV models that come in LED offers low input lag and wider viewing angles while compared with the other brands. This is mainly achieved with the IPS panels. All these features make LG as a better choice for using it as PC monitors too. But, with the low contrast ratio, in a dark room, the blacks tend to appear as grey. WebOS is the smart interface of LG TV (one of the best TV OS) which is really fast and easy to use that provides access to one of the largest app collections. The higher-end LG models are packed with the advanced remotes that allow the navigation through the menus with no issues, where the latest models include a pointer in the remote.

The model that introduced in 2019 by LG, LG B9 OLED holds outstanding motion handling, remarkably low input lag to please gamers, and exceptional picture quality. They even support HDMI 2.1 and HDMI Forum Variable refresh rates that deliver a tear-free gaming experience to the users.

Sony Smart TV

From years back, Sony is one of the biggest TV manufactures in the TV industry that always stays at the edge of technology. Sony with a variety of models always has a product for every need from the basic 4k base level TV to the advanced OLED TVs.

When compared with other TV manufacturers, Sony always aims to hold a standard on quality and picture accuracy. With Sony, we could see a variety of models that are well built with great upscaling of lower resolution content and have good motion handling. Most of the Sony TV s have upgraded to Android TV 8.0 which gives access to the Google Play Store which holds multiple applications that work faster. The Android 8.0 solves one of the greatest flaws with Sony ie; OS responsiveness.

Like other brands, Sony has models to cover everyone's needs. With the latest models, we could see outstanding picture quality and high HDR experience. To avoid the common risk of burn-in which is commonly seen in all OLEDs, you can choose the best LED/LCD from the Sony family that delivers superb performance in any of your use. the X-Wide Angle layer offers wider viewing angles that deliver better-viewing experience. When considering the lower-end models, Sony still keeps its wide viewing angles and decent picture quality which will even get updated with the coming models.

Mi Smart TV

One of the biggest plus point with Mi TV is the value for money. Redmi TV models offer all the features which are really affordable for all. The slim design is simply amazing and less space occupying. The delightful picture quality with the 10-bit VA panel holding moreover a billion of colours ensures you a new viewing experience. Well-equipped with connectivity options and customized OS helps in handling and avoiding the load/view content as you like for your personal entertainment.

The 4K panel that comes with the Mi Tv offers saturated colours which is really pleasing for the eyes and the display is calibrated out of the box. When playing games the 4K HDR truly shines and the internal hardware is also impressive.

The primary goal of Mi Tv models is to evaluate the user experience when pairing with a DTH box. For those who always wish to stream the content from Netflix or Hotstar, you can perform this seamlessly with Mi.

TCL Smart TV

TCL is another known brand in the TV industry. They are TV manufacturers who make everything themselves. In this competitive industry, TCL offers the cheapest TVs. While compared with the other brands, they release only a few models and they keep the models available in the market for long. TCL uses the Roku TV smart interface which is not that much faster, but is easy to use and offers access to a wide range of apps and streaming channels. Even in the dark room, the TCL models have a high native contrast that works well.

TCL models come in a wide range of sizes from 28" to 75" and they usually target less expensive market segments. The latest TCL TVs are well-packed with good motion handling, very good picture quality, very low input lag to please gamers, low input lag, wide color gamut, and deep blacks in a dark room. They deliver decent picture quality and they are good budget TVs that can serve you for specific purposes.


These are some of our recommendations that we think are currently the best smart TV brands available in the market to buy. Its all upon you to choose the suitable model from the best brand that suits your needs within your budget.

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