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Smartphones – What to Expect in 2020

Mobile Phone Trends

In this fast-growing world, the smartphones that we use today comes with the latest features that are very helpful in most of the ways. But, with fast developments in technologies, smartphones try to acquire these and continue to evolve with special new features. When it comes to smartphone innovation, we could expect a lot for an exciting 2020.

The rest of the article will give you an idea of what to expect from smartphones in 2020.

• Advanced Sensors

The smartphones that we use today and familiar with can be unlocked with fingerprints and your face. But there is much more to come. The smartphones that come in the future could recognize your voice tone, the pattern of your typing and even they could capture the way you walk. So, no more worries about the patterns and PINs. In 2020, it will be very difficult for anyone else to use your phone.
In the coming smartphone models, we could see more sensors and monitors included to provide security. This will be capable to keep the data private and well protected. With lots of potentials, you can have a smartphone that can recognize your feelings, can spot the signs of a bad cold ahead of time, can recommend a healthy and well-balanced evening meal based on what it's already seen, and lot more.

• Intelligent Home Screens

With the advanced software technology that keeps on developing, our phones are already being personalized by Google Now, Siri and Cortana, etc. This gives an opportunity for the mobile makers to wake up and move beyond the common rows of icons that we see in our home screens today. In 2020, the homes screens that we are going to see will be built with advanced artificial intelligence, surfacing the apps and even the screens within those apps that we're most likely to want to use.
The more advanced sensors that we have discussed above will make you see them with more advanced and intuitive digital assistant applications. Our phones will become smarter by recommending new stuff much more fluidly and accurately than they do today. It will be a new experience to see everyone's home screen looks completely different.

• Collapsible Electronics

Flexible screens are a dream and it's going to become a reality soon. With Samsung, we have already seen foldable smartphone and by 2020, we can hope to see smartphones that are able to fold, bent, scrunch, and shrunk in all kinds of ways. It's perhaps a little ambitious to expect from the smartphone manufactures to reach this target. But it seems that the smartphones of the not-too-distant future will be able to morph between different form factors and sizes on demand.

• No More Dead Batteries

For many smartphone owners, battery life is still a serious issue. By 2020 with most of the technologies are getting Improved, this issue will also get solved. The future smartphones will be packed with better batteries that last longer, recharge more quickly and can survive more cycles before degrading.
With wireless charging, that works whenever we put our phones down and even we don’t. Once this technology spread its wings in coffee shops, offices and gyms, your phone can get topped up throughout the day without you having to think about it. Hopefully, in 2020, we can have smartphones with high-speed data connections and invisible charging technologies.

• Foldable Phones

Touch screen phones were a revelation when it was first introduced and now it became very common among the users. Now, it's the beginning to see foldable smartphones. With a high-quality flexible display, that folds in half, the foldable phones are on the mainstream which is pocket-friendly and can be unfolded to display a tablet-sized display.
Most of the smartphone manufacturers have already started to design this type of smartphone where Samsung has already released the 'Samsung Galaxy Fold' model in 2019. Apple is also rumored to be making a foldable phone which may be the successor of the iPhone 11 series but nothing has been confirmed yet. Expect to see many more smartphone manufacturers creating foldable smartphones in 2020 and beyond.

• 5G Networks

The 5th generation of cellular mobile communications will take the internet speed to its new heights. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are releasing devices with 5G in 2020 and many more are on their way.
5G performance targets to deliver high data rates, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and connectivity. These are the features that most of the mobile phone users are looking for and love to have. Along with all these, it will allow you to download films and videos in 4K within a few minutes.
With 5G smartphones, you don't need to worry about the connection lose that 5G you will get a stronger signal even in crowded areas. Industry officials and other analysts say that 5G supported smartphones will lower the price chain when they are available in 2020. Still, it's unknown about what will be a realistic price to expect.
The 5G not only beat the speed of 3G and 4G, but it also holds the potential to alter the way how smartphones are used every day. The year 2020 looks promising when it comes to faster download and upload speed in mobile phones with 5G smartphones.

So many smartphones are being announced and releasing day by day, the smartphone companies are always busy to come up with something that will make them unique. Every manufacturer wants to stand out and attract customers in a unique way. The above-discussed technologies are a possibility for future smartphones. Some of the technologies will be in new smartphone releases from 2020 onwards and some may still be developed to further enhance it. But, anyway, 2020 is really exciting thinking about what to expect from mobile phones.


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