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In the present market, there are multitudinous types of smartphones manufactured by various companies. There are budget phones, flagship phones, performance-centric phones, etc. Hence, the dilemma when buying a smartphone is unreal. So, it is better to understand the different aspects of the smartphones to create an outline of the phone you are looking to buy. It is better to keep a plan when buying a smartphone, else you will end up buying the wrong piece. Let us see what are things we have to consider when buying a smartphone.

1. Genuineness

The money spent will be a waste if you buy a fake phone masqueraded as a genuine one. So it is of utmost importance to ensure the genuineness of the smartphone you buy. But how can someone check it? It is simple. Primarily, when you are buying a phone just make sure that you are buying from the right store like myG where they sell only genuine products. Another way is to see whether there is an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on the packaging. IMEI is a unique identification code for smartphones. It can be also seen by dialing *#06# from your mobile dial-pad. But if you are certain of the quality of the store then there is no need to check further.

2. Operating System

It is all about your preferences when it comes to operating systems. The majority of the phones come in the Android operating system. On the other hand, Apple phones come in iOS operating systems. iOS is renowned for its security and neat integration with other Apple products. Meanwhile, Android is known for being user-friendly, its integration with Google services and customizability. Either of them are good to use and features a lot of cool and useful applications. But there are various versions of these operating systems. So make sure the smartphone you are looking to buy is of latest android version.

3. Display and Design

As phones nowadays are equipped with crisp displays and come in sleek designs, there is not much confusion in this area. Even though, If you are a gamer or watch movies regularly, it is better to buy phones that have a screen size of at least 5.5 inches otherwise, you will not get an immersive experience. It is also important to make sure that the screen resolution is high. Although, for normal uses smaller screens are sufficient. Thanks to technology, smartphones nowadays come with mostly good quality displays. When it comes to design, ensure that the phone is not extra bulky or heavy. Being so makes it difficult for you to handle. Also, make sure the screen is protected by gorilla glasses that can defend your screens efficiently from damages.

4. Processor and RAM

A Processor is the hub of a smartphone that betters the performance of it. With a good processor, you can easily multitask and get a seamless usage. So, it is important to check whether the phone has the right processor that meets your needs. The more cores a processor has the better performance is furnished. Processors come in various models like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Kirin, Exynos, etc. If you are looking for a performance-centric phone then ensure that you select one with a strong Processor. When the processor is coupled with a decent RAM of at least 2GB then you can say good-bye to stuttering.

5. Storage

Running short on space can be irritating and it can affect the performance of a smartphone. A good percent of the storage space is pre-occupied with system files and applications. So it is always better to opt for Smartphones with a decent storage capacity. That way, it enables you to store a dozen of any high-sized data and it helps in the long run. Or you can choose a phone that comes with a dedicated SD slot or hybrid slot in which you can insert an SD card to expand your storage. If you feel that you will not require much space then you can opt for a phone with a smaller space so you can save some penny.

6. Battery

Smartphones used to get drained easily before. But most of the phones in the market now are equipped with strong batteries, though the power differs. The higher mAh gives you better battery backup. There are even phones which can last two days with one charge. If you are a hectic user who frequently watches high-quality videos and plays high-end games then it is better to choose a phone with a minimum of 3000mAh. It is ok if the mAh is slightly lower. However, the more power the less time you will need to charge it.

7. Camera

Let it be the rear camera or selfie camera, the higher megapixels can furnish you with better pictures. However, it is not just the megapixels that decide the quality of the picture. There are other factors like aperture, ISO levels, pixel size and a lot more that determines the image quality. The size of the image is bigger when the megapixel is higher and it is displayed sharper in small screens. If you are passionate about photography your phone should have a minimum of 12MP sensor with an aperture of f/2.0 or lower. Casual photography can be done with 8MP cameras.

8. Price

The price of the phone varies according to the company and the specifications. Whenever you spent money on phones, ensure that is spent right. Compare the specification and performance with the price well. It does not matter if the cost is high. If it has the right specifications and quality then the penny spent will not be wasted.

Smartphones have actually become an important part of our lives. We spent a good amount of time daily on smartphones. If you feel like buying a new phone, keep in mind the things said above. Also, it is better to read reviews of the phones that you intend to buy. Ensure you do not get fooled by buying low-quality phones. Try visiting myG stores where you can find an array of authentic smartphones at the best price.


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