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Phone memory full issues

Technology is dominating the world and the companies are utilizing it to manufacture extraordinary Smartphones. High-tech cameras, Chipset with rapid processing speed, etc are comprised of a Smartphone. The photos we take, the applications we use, the games we play and a lot more need a hefty chunk of storage space. Let the phone be of any capacity, after some period of usage we often get a notification stating, the storage is running out of space and we won't be having any clue how our phone is in devoid of sufficient storage. Mostly it is the piled up cache files or junk files that occupy a big percent of the storage space without our comprehension. However, there are numerous ways to tackle this issue. Let us see the ways to free up the storage in our Smartphone.

Use an SD Card

Dedicated SD card slots are not seen much in the latest Smartphones. Albeit, some phones come with a dedicated slot or hybrid slot in which you can insert either a sim card or an SD card. SD cards get handy while your internal storage space is swallowed by Applications or files. Some phones with the older version of Android, have a provision to move certain applications to SD Card by going to the Settings > Application manager > Select the App > Move to SD Card. There is one more way. You can specifically move your files, Photos, and Videos to the SD cards. Do not buy an SD card based on its price. Make sure you buy a good SD card of Class 10 with a good read and write speed. If you are looking for one, check out the MyG Website. You can get genuine SD cards and get it delivered the same day itself.

Turn-Off WhatsApp Auto-Downloads

WhatsApp is a widely used messenger and we get tons of messages, photos, and videos daily. Whatsapp has a big hand in eating up the storage. Sometimes without even selecting the download option, the media files get downloaded and without our knowledge, it will be stored in our Gallery. This is because the Auto-Download option is turned on in your Whatsapp settings. To turn it off open WhatsApp > Go to the Setting > Select Data and Storage Usage > Select 'When using Mobile Data' > Uncheck Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents. Do the same in 'When connected to WiFi' option. Now, to an extent, your device will not come across storage issues.


Thanks to the technology, most of the phones can be connected to a Pendrive or External Hard disk using OTG cable. Just like moving data to the SD card, you can move your data to a Pendrive or Hard disk. Make sure your phone has OTG compatibility. Plug it via OTG Cable and a new drive other than internal storage or SD card will pop up in your file manager, Move your files to that drive. If you require OTG cable, Pendrive or Hard drives, just check out the genuine products offered by myG on their website.

Delete Duplicate Files

Android has a separate option for duplicate files in storage settings that makes it easy for us to delete it. Just go to storage setting > Select Clean Up > Select Duplicate Files > Delete the files. If you do not have that option then you have to cherry-pick and delete the duplicate files.

Use Cloud Storage

Most of us are not aware of cloud storage facilities and some of us never use it. Cloud storage is an online storage facility to be precise and Google drive is one example. Google drive is an inbuilt application that helps you store your data on their servers. An internet connection is necessary to access Google Drive or retrieve data from it. If you want to store your photos or videos then select the photos and press the share button, then a list of applications will pop up, there you can see Google drive application. Just select Google drive and set the location in the drive. Within minutes everything will be copied to your cloud storage. Or else you can store files directly from Google Drive. Open Google Drive > Select the plus button > Select Upload and select the files you need to store on Cloud. The copying process will be done within minutes. However, to retrieve the data you are required to download from Google Drive. Google Drive lets you store a maximum of 15gb data. There are other cloud storage applications available in Google Play Store like Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Box, MEGA, Nextcloud, etc.

Reduce Photo Resolution

The modern Smartphone cameras furnish us with high-quality pictures and their size is big. So, if we keep on clicking high-quality pictures that will take up a good amount of your storage. However, there is an option to reduce the resolution of the images in the camera settings. Hence, the storage issue is tackled. Note that, the clarity will drop if you reduce the resolution

Clear Cache Files

A cache file is a file created by the applications you use, to reduce the loading time when you open the application. For instance, When you open Whatsapp, the cache files are created in the background. The next time you open Whatsapp it is loaded faster. That is precisely the use of cache files. These files get accumulated whenever we open applications and get piled up, ergo consuming the storage. By deleting this, you can get gigabytes at times and there is no harm in doing so. To delete it, follow this step: Setting > Apps > Select the app you want > Clear Cache. In some phones, there is an option to clear the total cache files, otherwise mentioned as Junk Files, in the storage setting of your phone.

These ways will free up storage in your Smartphone. However, whenever you buy a phone keep in mind about the storage. The storage capacity of a phone matters a lot if you are planning to use it for a long period. If you are intending to buy a phone with decent storage capacity, check out the myG website where you can see a wide range of Smartphones, and accessories that help relieve the space like SD cards, OTG cables, Hard disks, USB drives, etc.


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