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The digital world has always allured and attracted its consumers by bombarding advertisements almost everywhere the consumer is online. If there is one thing that has surged along with the COVID 19 cases in 2020, it would be the number of consumers shifting online.  

Although online has been a preferential mode of shopping for many, there is always an instant hesitation to buy electronic gadgets online. The consumers opting to buy electronic gadgets online are remarkably low when compared to consumers opting for online grocery or clothing shopping, even though online grocery shopping was only a recently introduced e-commerce business. 

Reasons Why Consumers Do Not Prefer to Buy Electronic Gadgets Online?

When we raised questions to understand the reason behind this particular consumer behaviour, we observed that electronics gadgets in India are considered more of an asset. There is a misconception that electronics bought from an online electronic store, once broken, cannot be repaired and that would be a waste of money. This is false!

Reasons to Buy Electronic Gadgets Online

There are several reasons why you must buy electronic gadgets online. Whilst the consumer is gradually shifting to online electronic shopping in India, we have listed out top 5 reasons to buy electronic gadgets online. The blog aims to burst the bubble of misconception against online electronic stores and promote consumers to buy electronic gadgets online and avail maximum benefits.

From mobile phones to cameras to headphones to laptops, name it anything and everything, all the best and popular options in electronic gadgets and products are available online under great offers. Online gives you access to first and pre-order services. Let us explore more on these benefits as below:

Offers: Online stores offer better discounts and coupons that you might miss if you are an offline shopper. Also, most of the top brands initially launched their new products on online platforms first, before they are available offline. 

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EMI: An offline store may offer you EMI options, but are limited. An online electronic store enables you to access and choose your choice of EMI provider with variable charges. Adding to this, online e-commerce also offers you a great exchange value for your gadgets which you were likely to dispose for nothing.

Return Policy: The return policy online is quick and very strong. If you find a faulty piece or are not satisfied with a product you can easily exchange or return the product for free without having to answer satisfying questions for your return. Additionally, e-commerce stores are also coming up with ‘Try & Buy’ options on various products, so that you can feel and use the product before purchase. 
How will you escape the counter-question to ‘when offline you can touch and feel the product before you buy now?

Variety: You get a lot of variety and can compare brands to see what suits you the best. Online stores also offer you the same products by different brands for different cost-effective prices. 

Reviews: Reviews while buying electronics are very important. The salesperson at the shop might only highlight the good points and you may end up buying a product that didn't work too well in the market. The main advantage of online shopping is that you can read reviews from various and multiple buyers from all over. Compare study and buy the best products from the lots. 

Convenience: Online shopping is convenient at home in your comfortable wear. You don’t need to travel or look for stores to buy your needs. By adding filters to your search, you can configure your product listing and view only that are under your interests.

No compulsion and not compulsive: Often offline stores distract us from looking into things that are necessary. You go to buy one product but come with many others. Filters and product ratings simplify your search, so that you see only what you are likeable to buy or like. Plus, you can look, search and research for as long as you like. You can even wishlist or add to you cart for future purchase. 
Things to Remember While Buying  Electronic Gadgets Online

Always shop online from reputable and recognised stores. myG Digital is a well known digital store that has been distributing electronics for many years now. 
Why do you think it is best to buy electronic gadgets online?


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