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Types of Phone Stands: Buyer's Guide

Types of Phone Stands

Phone holders are one of the accessories that are given the least amount of consideration while buying mobile accessories. The popular misconception about mobile phone holders is that they are a complete waste of money and unworthy of the purchase. But in reality, phone holders can make your life easier and the use of mobile phones effortless. There are different types of phone stands available for different uses. 

In this blog, we aim to clear the queries you generally have about different types of phone stands and the features you have to consider before buying them. Let's go through the various types of phone stands and mobile holders.

Phone Holders for Car 

Most of the phone holders are used in automobiles. With lesser spaces to keep your phone safe but near to you and higher chances of phones slipping while moving, phone holders for cars are definitely an accessory you should invest in. While most of us keep our smartphones on a panel or shelf, there is a higher risk of phones slipping and breaking. While using expensive smartphones, it’s a risk nobody wants to take. 

With the fastest growing technology and innovation in the field of smartphones and tablets, a stable internet connection can elevate your smartphones to higher levels in terms of functionality and convenience. Nowadays, smartphones act as our navigators, dashcams, and video players, and hence it’s almost impossible to leave your smartphones behind while driving. Even though there are multiple brands available in the market claiming to be the best phone holders for cars, there are various aspects to consider before purchasing it.

The major feature you should look into before deciding the types of phone stands is the location you want to fix it. Once you arrive at the conclusion regarding the location of the phone stand, you have an array of options to choose from. Some of them are:

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  • Vent Mounted Holders 

These are universal mobile holders, fit for any car brand. These holders have a unique cross-shaped grip that fits the vent deflector in the car, regardless of the brand or model.

  • Suction Cup Holders 

The suction cup holders are mounted on the windscreen or dashboard of the car with the help of a vacuum suction cup present in it. Though mostly used in cars, these types of phone holders can also be used in regular tables at the office or home.

  • Sticky Phone Holders 

With adhesive tapes on both sides (most of the time 3M adhesives), these universal types of phone holders can be attached to any surface once the Scotch tape is applied. 

  • Seat Headrest Holders 

These types of phone holders are the best options for people who love to travel a lot. Out of the different types of phone stands available, the seat headrest holders can help you turn your phone into tv to entertain you and your travel companions. 

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Mobile Phone Holder for Bike

The various types of mobile holders for bikes enable you to manage your navigation with ease with your phone without taking your concentration away from the ride. Let it be navigating while driving or playing your favorite soundtrack while on the road, these types of mobile holders make it easy and convenient for you. Nowadays, there are different types of mobile phone holders for bikes available online and offline. 

These will make sure your smartphones stay put while you are riding and makes your drive a much more enjoyable one. Small things indeed can make big differences. Buy mobile holder online at the best price now. 

Mobile Phone Holder for Hand

Are you someone who frequently drops mobile phones while using them? Is your face bruised with your smartphone falling on your face while using it on the bed? It’s time to buy a mobile holder online. There are different types of mobile holders for hands like a pop socket or a finger ring mobile phone holder. You can also find selfie sticks that would help you take better selfies and use your phones without the fear of dropping them off. 

It’s time to protect your precious smartphones. Buy mobile phone holders now and see your user experience revamped!


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