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Smartphone Screen Guard Benefits

Everyone owns a smartphone of your favorite brand and no one wish to face a situation that ends up in any kind of damage to your phone even a single scratch on the screen will break your heart. So, like other smartphone accessories, screen guard protectors also plays a great role in your phone's protection. Even though most of the smartphones in the market available today are made up of tougher glass, you definitely need a screen protector as this is something that protects your handset from physical damage. Not all screen guards are the same.You will find a lot of screen protectors like Gorilla Glass, TPU, 9H hardness, oleophobic, etc. The GDOT protection plus that myG offers enables consumers to safeguard their valuable gadgets against risks of physical damage, liquid damage and theft at a very affordable price. myG also come up with a GDOT extended warranty (GDEW), that enables the consumers to continue warranty of their valuable gadgets for post one year period after the expiration of manufacturer warranty at a very affordable price.The better you own, the longer your phone will get protected. If you still doubt will the screen guards protect your phone? Then the following points will give a clear picture of why you need a smartphone protector.

• Help to Prevent Glare

The glare that radiates from the phone's screen will create a disturbance for the users. This can be solved by just using a matte or an anti-glare screen guard. The screen guards that come in a matte finishing uses diffusion to lower down the consistency of the reduced images that means it breaks up the light that gets reflected from the surface of the screen thereby it helps you from the flashback that hits your eyes. The light that reflects into your eyes are bad that may result in increased tension in your eye muscles near the iris and causes strain. The anti-glare protector helps to improve the overall visibility and provides more convenience and comfort to make use of the device for a long period of time. If you are a mobile phone user who spends a lot of time in outdoor or bright light places, then its good to go for any of the anti-glare or matte screen protectors.

• Get Rid of Sticky Finger Marks

Sticky finger marks are really annoying for all the smartphone users. To get rid of sticky finger marks you may go for a wash or a wipe of your hands frequently. But this really won't work. Don't worry. You can say bye to your sticky fingerprints on the screen by using crystal-clear screen guards that help you to stay away from these kinds of irritating marks on your phone's screen. The crystal-clear screen protectors come with a oleophobic coating that resists the fingerprint smudges. With its smooth and comfortable design, it gives a clean look to your phone's display.

• Limits the Risk of Damage Caused by the Heavy Impact

Most of us have accidentally dropped our phones that the phone may have severely damaged. This is the main reason which shows you need a screen protector for your smartphone as we take our phone along with us where ever we move. We spend a lot of money to grab the phone we wish. so, whether the damage is big or small, it will completely let you down. The screen guards can absorb the shock that results from any impact and provides necessary protection from the drops and scratches. Screen protectors are made with multi-layered sheets made of advanced polymers that provide all the security that your smartphone needs. There are anti-shock screen guards available in the market. But most of the people think that it cause some sensitivity issues to the phone. This is not true as the anti-shock screen guards are made of ultra-thin plastic film that won't hinder the phone's sensitivity and in turn, preserves your phone's visual display sharpness.

• Provides Privacy

When you are in a public place with your mobile phone, there will be someone else looking on to your screen and watching what you are doing with it. Visual hacking is a serious issue that may affect you even without your knowledge. Don't get panic, there are various types of screen protectors available in the market like 2-way privacy filter, 4-way privacy filter, etc. They help you to keep your private data secured from the public who don't know how to respect others privacy. With the usage of privacy filter screen protectors, only the person who is in front of the phone can only view the information on the screen where others can't even see it from any of the other angles. Privacy filters can be used by everyone. But, it is more beneficial for the businessmen who handle confidential data.

• A Big Full Stop to Wear and Tear Scratches

Even though we are very much concerned about our phone, we usually do a rough use that makes some sort of scars and scratches to your phone's screen if it's not protected with a screen guard. Do you know that even the dust and sand can cause damage to the screen? When you go out with your smartphone, it will surely get exposed to dust and sand particles that will get rubbed against the screen and cause unnecessary disturbances. A screen protector will prevent these issues and you can relax back and enjoy your smartphone with a calm-cool mind.


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