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Bluetooth Speaker Price

Technology is constantly evolving and as a result, the design, performance and other attributes of gadgets are ascending accordingly. In this technologically dominated era, we have a plethora of gadgets that can cater to different needs. One of the highly rated and extensively used gadgets is indeed Bluetooth Speakers. Wondering why? For starters, it’s portable yet powerful. Quite amazing. Isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that the speakers which were big in the past would fit into our pockets later on!. Bluetooth speakers also boast various other benefits. Are you looking forward to knowing them? Then carry on reading!

High Portability

One of the major advantages of Bluetooth speakers is their portability. As it comes with rechargeable batteries, all you need to do is ensure it has necessary charge in it. Then you could carry it anywhere you wish. Imagine you have a party with your friends and want to amplify the party with some music or you are going on a trip in your car and you want to stay cheered while you travel. In such occasions, Bluetooth speakers can be your go-to gadget. Moreover, the majority of these speakers are light weighted and compact in design. This means you can stuff it in your bag or even your pockets, unlike other speakers. JBL GO2, JBL Clip 3 and, Sony SRS-XB12 are some the great examples of compact yet powerful speakers. You can find more like them in our store.

Lack Of Annoying Wires

The wires of the speakers can be annoying. They not only make the place where the speaker is kept looks cluttered but also tend to get tangled way too much that we might find quite difficult to untangle them. It would also be quite a task when you want to relocate your speaker elsewhere. Bluetooth speakers stand out in this aspect. When you want to take it outside with you, you need not be bothered about the wires you have to carry with you. The only thing you have to make sure is whether it has enough juice to stay turned on as long as you want. Even if its battery is low, you only need to carry the small USB cable that is used to charge it.

Low Power Consumption

Imagine it's an off day for you and all you want is listen to music and relax. Imagine further that you possess a normal speaker. In this case, you have to plug it in the socket as long as you hear songs which can enhance the power consumption and be a culprit of the hike of your electric bill. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers don't consume that much power since they only need to be plugged in while charging and it's not necessary to plug in while we use it. Furthermore, with one charge you can get quite a lot of playing time. Ergo, it makes a huge difference to the power consumption when compared to normal speakers. You can see a lot of speakers with a powerful battery if you dig deeper. Impex Soundgear 3, JBL Xtreme 2 and, Harman Kardon Allure are some of the Bluetooth speakers that boast excellent battery back up. However, the normal speakers also have their own benefits that Bluetooth speakers don't possess.

Great Sound Quality

"Don't judge a book by its cover". This is a popular quote which you might have heard a lot. Similarly, we say can say "Don't judge a Bluetooth speaker by the size of it" because they are powerful regardless of how small they are comparatively, thanks to the leap of technology. Therefore, if you are to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you can expect it to perform powerfully and not to produce distorted sound. Ensure it's branded and you are buying it from a reputed store.


If you thought that Bluetooth speakers can only be synced with smartphones, then you are wrong. They are versatile when it comes to compatibility. In other words, they can be connected with smartphones, laptops, tablets and even TVs (If the TV has Bluetooth or you have appropriate cable to connect the speaker to TV). Talking about pairing, it's easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is just turn on Bluetooth in the gadget you want to connect the speaker to and let it scan and find your speaker. Once the name of your speaker appears in the search list, just click on it and the speaker will be connected right away. In short, there is no heavy-lifting involved in the pairing process.

No Installation Required

When it comes to installing normal speakers, it can be a tad time consuming and also, you need to have a wee bit of technical knowledge. To begin with, you need to place the speakers in the right position. Following that, you have to plug the cables or wires in the appropriate sockets. Sometimes this can get baffling and you might be compelled to look into the user manual. Whereas, it's a different story when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. In fact, it not be installed like a cliche speaker. You can press the power button, and sync it with your gadget and start listening to music right away. However, Bluetooth speakers are required to be charged for a certain number of hours before you start using.

In A Nutshell

Bluetooth speakers may not be as powerful as a soundbar or speakers used for home theatres but still, it's too powerful for its size. They can be used for several hours in full swing with a single charge. Another major upside of them is that they don't cost you a fortune yet they can furnish you with an impressive audio experience. From all these advantages, we can comprehend that your investment in a Bluetooth speaker will be worthy! However, it won't match some of the attributes of normal speakers!

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