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Iffalcon TV

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Looking for the Best iFFALCON Smart TV? Want to Find the Right Smart TV?

Choosing an electronic product that fits your needs can be difficult with so many different options available. myG can help with this. You can buy TV online with myG. myG strives to address your needs and to assist in the selection of the right product! iFFALCON TVs are available at myG for the best price.

iFFALCON - What Makes it Popular?

Shenzhen-based iFFALCON Technology was established on July 26th, 2017 to manage the global smart TV top TV brand platforms operated by TCL Multimedia and its subsidiaries. The company also designs, produces, manufactures, and sells iFFalcon TV with iFFalcon, a top brand of tv in India. A former division of TCL Multimedia was TV+ Business Centre. TCL has prominent competitive edges in hardware, technology, and services owing to its strong financial resources, research-and-development capabilities, and global supply chain. Tencent, the second largest shareholder in iFalcon, acquired the company in July 2017. TCL's shares were assigned to South New Media in February 2018.

How can iFFalcon TVs Benefit you?

iFFALCON smart TVs offer the best entertainment experience with the newest features.
In addition to the 4K UHD QLED Display and Dolby Vision, MEMC ensures a smoother and lag-free experience for optimal viewing at home. Additionally, the TV provides smarter connectivity and enhanced control with video calling, hands-free voice control, Google Duo, Google Assistant, and more. A TV with no compromises. By upscaling the colours and brightness level frame by frame, HDR10+ enables content providers to add more metadata that can be processed and improves picture quality. With HDR 10+, your photos will come alive on screen and appear more realistic. A revolutionary high dynamic range display enhances the stunning display in 4K. Color volume is a leading 100%+, and the picture brightness and saturation are outstanding. Get an exceptional viewing experience with the 4K resolution of the QLED display. The Home Control Center by iFFALCON makes life more intelligent. Welcome to the home of tomorrow, where you can control your TV and cast content from your mobile device with just a few simple voice commands. Make your TV the master of your home by controlling all your smart devices in one go.

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